Its just a snapshot folks

Just zooming by for a quick post…summer has finally arrived for more than a day up here in Maine and I want to embrace it since knowing Maine weather, if I blink it will be gone.

However since coming home this afternoon and while I am enjoying a bit of downtime before we all come together as a family, I have been making my abbreviated rounds in cyberspace and something hit me….you ever go to a blog or even talk to some whose life seems so perfect? Especially if it’s as a time when your own life feels a tad crazy? Lately I seem to have a lot of those days when I wonder why can’t my life be like so and so? 

Well the reality hit me that I have my life and for better or worse its the one I am meant to have but more importantly a sudden thought hit me, no ones life is perfect and when we see our friends and associates with the seemingly perfect life that all we are doing is seeing a snapshot. Especially in Mommy blogland, there are those bloggers who while they are not trying to  make the rest of us feel like idiots, we do because their lives seem so perfect, well groomed, well behaved kids, loving partner who earns enough for costly hobbies…you know the deal.  I know as a working mama who most days is happy that she works, all it takes is one bad day with girl child and one visit to a few select Mama bloggers and I swear I feel like the world’s worst Mama. Nevermind that the work I do not only benefits by kids directly with the cash I earn but that I assist families in need every day.

Some days its just comes down to the fact that I am feeding girl child scrambled eggs and fruit again for dinner because I am too tired to whip up a home-cooked feast (but hey those eggs come from a local farm…no mistreated eggs for my girl…LOL) Of course that Mama who makes the home-cooked feast with a sweet treat has her own woes. Maybe money is not her issue like it is mine but the truth is we all got our crosses to bear.

So remember if you think someone else has a perfect life, remember we all have bad days, relatives we wish we could trade it and general issues in life.

Just a rambling thought as  I pass by today, anyway back to relaxing I go.

7 thoughts on “Its just a snapshot folks”

  1. That’s how I feel most days and while I blog. My blog was just about my hobbies. So I tend to keep the more personal things off it. Like how stressed I feel most days or how I struggle financialy. I guess I just don’t want everyone knowing all about me especially when some of my real friends actually read it. But if the blog is supposed to be about your personal life I definitely would rather see the truth which is why I love to read your blog.

    And there is nothing wrong with fruit and eggs. In fact I thing kj is going to have that tonight. 😀

  2. I agree with Chi-Chi…I love reading people’s blogs who admit their shortcomings, little tantrums with life, and the imperfect things about their family & friends. I crave reality too.

    I lot those little snapshots of life from time to time. I get to live vicariously thru someone else and then it’s back to my life. Never harbor jealousy or envy so it’s all good in the end.

    If there was an Avg as Hell mom award I’d be all over that and eggs w/fruit sounds good right now. And healthy.

  3. one of my favorite posts of yours, my friend.

    if I find myself comparing my life to anyone else’s in a good or bad way, I know I’m off track.

    comparing does me no good. I can’t get in their shoes.

    and, when I’m not being perfect, I simply judge most harshly those who seem most perfect and assume they’re miserable on the inside.

    that helps.

  4. I also try to remember that cyberspace is a great place to *pretend* like one’s life is perfect, like one has all the answers all the time. I tend to stay away from those kind of blogs (and forums for that matter) where the bloggers seem to have everything together all the time and stick with ones like yours. I need reality. Because you’re so right! Every one of us has those days where we feel like complete eff-ups. When folks are real, it helps you put it all into perspective. Not in a gloating way, like, “Well at least I’m not that bad” but in a way that lets you know you’re not alone.

    And scrambled eggs and fruit for dinner? I don’t even begin to see the problem. LoL.

  5. Hey there Shay!

    I think that there are many women who “measure” their existence based on the existence that others have constructed…

    The reality is that your life reflects your decisions and another woman made other decisions and so her life is different… often, that person had a different set of circumstances and made decisions based on those circumstances… often, we CREATE the circumstances that we find ourselves defining as “life”…

    Ultimately, I believe that we have to reach a place where we don’t view others’ lives and compare THEIR existence to ours in order to feel okay about what we have chosen.

    Some people DO have perfect lives but they simply define “perfect” in a way that suits them…

    I know many women who say “I have the perfect life now” and maybe I would look at their lives and think “ummm really??” but they are entitled to THEIR own definition of “perfect”…

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