Hello….anybody there?

Look, I know December was a busy month for most so I expected the number of hits to my blog to decrease but dang ya’ll, like the auto industry my numbers were dismal. Seriously, have I become that boring?

Granted my reasons for blogging are not strictly about the numbers  initially this blog was just a way for me to vent which is why there is no rhyme or reason to what you may find here.

Anyhoo, looking ahead here in 2009 I have decided on a weekly basis to write at least one post related to class specifically on being a member of the working class. I feel those of us who were raised in the working class don’t get talked about enough since either there is a tendency to stay in the working class which means in many cases little time for things like blogging. Or you strive to leave the working class as soon as possible. I was born working class and yet while I am no longer officially a member of the working class based off education and income, the truth is my roots and heart lie in the working class and its the lens through which I see the world.

I suspect I may also write more often about life here in Maine, though winter sucks because its cold and snowy so there is not much to write about.

Hit me up with ideas and suggestions on how I can improve this lil blog. Come back, I miss ya’ll. Do I have to start offering up weekly lobster raffles to bring ya’ll back?