Dude..what is wrong with you?

Man has sex with a woman, man impregnates woman, woman has child, woman decides to seek child support to cover cost of raising child. This little scene plays itself out all across America 24/7, two folks tangle, a life is created, money is needed to care for this new life. Now a real man is going to be there no matter what to support his seed, but some men need a kick in the ass.

Well it seems a young brother in Lousisana when faced with this little dilemma, rather than manning up and paying for his child or taking the other route and being a traditional deadbeat ass father decided neither option was attractive. So 22 year old Danny Platt decided it would be far more efficient to get rid of his child…yes, this fellow decided to kill his own kid rather than pay child support. To make it more believable though he decided to say the 2 and a half year old boy had been kidnapped.

What can I say? As a parent this breaks my heart and makes me wonder what the fuck is wrong with people? Seriously, I am shaking my head wondering if Platt is stupid or retarded because seriously on the dealing with the law scale, I would rather be a deadbeat Papa than a murderous bastard.

Anyway may Platt meet his fate with a couple of big goons who make him the house bitch in his new home, and may Ja’Shawn Powell’s mother find some peace if that is at all possible.

What is wrong with people????