Hardy Mainers? I think not

Today we have yet another snow storm, of course being that it is winter time and winter in Maine, I expect snow.  Problem is any time it snows it seems like everything in this damn state shuts down and frankly I am tired of it, look I come from Chicago so I am used to snow and cold but look schools and stores don’t close at the drop of a hat back home.

Shit, I can count the times growing up we had a snow day, and that is on one hand. Yet here in Maine, let it snow six inches and add some ice and shit is closed. Even the damn restaurants close…um, look when you stuck at home with nothing to do, you like to get a treat from the outside world. If I ran an eating establishment I would be open but that’s just me.

However native Mainers like to run around as if they are the hardiest folks on the planet. When we first moved here people would ask were the winters too harsh for me up here? Um, no. I rarely even wear full winter gear because aside from the snow and ice storms, the average winter temperature seems a lot warmer than Chicago where a sista had all kinds of long underwear, hats and winter gear. The wind in Chicago didn’t play and I used to live right near Lake Michigan.

Look to my fellow Mainers truth is, I think some of ya’ll are a tad wimpy when it comes to the weather. Some years ago back in Chicago, we had an early March snowstorm that dropped 18 inches of snow and it was my first day at a new job and I was expected to get to the gig. Nothing was closed, hell I waited out in freezing blizzard conditions for 45 mins for a bus to take to downtown Chicago, got to the gig late and the boss was actually salty about it. He had no mercy on me and the fact that there was 18 inches of snow, there was a job to be done. Needless to say I often feel the same way these days about snow, so what? You can’t stop living because its snowing.

Anyway its another snow storm, thankfully the grocery store was open so I am all stocked up and hopefully can get to work tomorrow if we are open.