From BGIM to you…Wishing you a warm holiday season!

‘Tis the season of joy for many as the winter holidays go into full swing. I can’t say that I find this to be a particularly joyous time of year. My relationship to this season has always either been rather torrid (in the not-fun way) or tepid and that was before the illness that would eventually take my mother’s life decided to resurface on Christmas Day 2003.  Over the years, I have struggled to make peace with the season and jump in wholeheartedly; in other words…fake it until you make it. However, with my youngest child’s discovery that there is no magical white man wiggling his ass down our chimney and leaving gifts, I have been freed to take this time of year as it comes with no pretense and expectations.

Ours will be a somber holiday as my eldest child is unable to join us this year. Yet another reminder of the nature of change: kids growing into adults who have their own lives and plans, and sometimes those plans don’t line up with parent’s plans. We have been blessed to spend a good deal of time with my son this year before his move to LA, so while he is missed this holiday season, he is with us in spirit.

As unholiday-like as this season is for me this year, I have much to express gratitude for this year. A year of change which brought its share of ups and downs. A year that brought a career shift and new challenges including a 210-mile round-trip commute across two states. A year where I saw a marked increase in readers of this space, readers whose kind words (sometimes unkind words too!) and generous support has buoyed my spirits and made me realize that perhaps there is a need for a space like this.  So, I thank you! Thank you for being a part of my journey. As this year draws to a close and we draw near to our loved ones (or not so loved ones), I wish you and yours a warm and peaceful holiday season! That whatever your faith tradition, you can find a moment of clarity and peace in a world that grows increasingly unsettled.


5 thoughts on “From BGIM to you…Wishing you a warm holiday season!”

  1. So beautiful at the early Christmas Eve Mass at The Most Holy Trinity Church in Saco when I spotted several youngsters …. dancing to their seats. Biracial children and a little Black girl who looked like an Angel in her purple finery…. along with their little white friends. Gives one hope. My month of Angst is August ….. but even here I celebrate the birthday of a talented great niece.

    Have a rainy but nevertheless beautiful Christmas.

  2. Our extended family too is going through some untimely trauma that detracts from a season which should be a happy one. However, it shall not deter us as we await our youngest daughter and her children, our beloved grandchildren, who will fly in tomorrow to spend the holiday with us. Our older daughter and her family will also, weather and circumstances permitting, visit sometime next week. It will be wonderful to have them all together, even if for only a day. So we will strive for a happy time and sincerely hope you and your family will enjoy one as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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