BGIM talks naughty and woo woo

I have made no secret of the fact that for me discovering yoga has literally changed my life. I spent more years than I care to remember, seeking the magic bullet that would literally make me a less anxious person. I am tightly wound, I have strong type A tendencies and that combination makes for a person who finds relaxation to be illusive. Yet I realized if I was willing to try therapy, take pills and homeopathic remedies and when all else fails…carry a brown paper bag and breathe into, than maybe yoga was worth a try.

That said in recent months as I have branched out in my yoga practice (I practice Ashtanga) and experimented with different classes focusing on certain areas of the body, I have learned that yoga has more benefits than just loosening my muscles and keeping me mellow. Seems a consistent practice can increase your libido…yep, a steady diet of yoga will keep you wanting to get it on like the Energizer Bunny and frankly just make you feel sexy, sexy, sexy.

A few months ago, I started playing with a class designed just to work the hip region, it relaxed me but a few weeks in, I realized it was really relaxing me. Turns out for those inclined to believe the woo, we have a second chakra that is physically located in the lower abdomen about an inch below the navel and its associated with the hips, sacrum, lower back, genitals, womb, bladder, and kidneys, this chakra is involved with sensuality, sexuality, emotions, intimacy, and desire. So guess what happens when you decide to loosen your hips, aside from just not feeling tense? Yep, all kinds of energy starts flowing, if you know me, you know I am not an overly woo woo type but trust me when I say a yoga class specifically opening your hips will make your sex life sparkle!

It’s Wednesday and hump day, so I just had to share that tidbit. So if the idea of all that om’ing and breathing doesn’t set right with you and downward dog sounds like torture, I bet for most of y’all the idea of exploring your inner sexy sounds good? Get thee to a yoga class.

Since I am already talking grown folks talk, can I just add my two cents on something that annoys the shit out of me? Grown folks, can you please stop using cutesy words when discussing your genitals. Seriously. Yesterday some washed up R & B singer Brian McKnight released what he called an adult mix tape; it was a disaster, considering he uses language like “magic lunchbox”. What the fuck is a magic lunch box? Now I can ignore him, he’s just a plain hot mess, but the truth is many of us are plain squeamish when it comes to naming our parts. Back when Oprah was on the air with her own show before she thought she was the 2nd coming of Christ and started her own aptly named OWN network and learned she is just a mere mortal. She had women Black, White and in between calling their vaginas, vajayjay’s…what the hell is a vajayjay? Sounds like some shit I don’t want any parts of, got a vajayjay and you might need a dose of antibiotics. No thanks, I will pass on that. Or as an open relationship “expert” is known to call it, a puss-puss. I am not a cat, again, no thanks. Puss puss sounds too damn close to pus and I damn sure don’t have any pus.

No, I have a vulva, clitoris and vagina along with other parts; seriously, they are just words but words that matter. Own what you have and have no shame in naming it.

6 thoughts on “BGIM talks naughty and woo woo”

  1. I LOVE this post! In my opinion, calling body parts weird names seems like there is shame in what they are. Free yourself! It’s called a vagina. Clearly, these people have not tried yoga.

  2. hmmmm, I need to try yoga! Also ::applause:: for the bit about using correct part names. It makes it easier to explain to your child where to wash, where not to allow themselves to be touched, how babies are made, etc. Adults using cutesy euphemisms annoy me.

  3. I guess I just dig the word vagina, big time, esp. since The Big Lebowski. “Vajayjay” didn’t work for me but maybe it’s progress if some women feel they can actually talk about stuff or own a sense of pride about their bodies. Lots of women have been and many girls continue to be raised with a lot of quietude about it all.

    I’m also having fun with yoga… Sexy, you got it!

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