An offer you can’t refuse, be my testers!

Look, I have made no secret that I have played around with the idea of monetizing this blog. I most certainly have no illusions that I am about to become the next Dooce or Pioneer Woman, I am not nearly as charming as those gals and frankly running an small non-profit keeps me plenty busy. That said while this started off as a hobby and I enjoy the fuck out of it and am grateful for any and all readers, the reality is being a steady blogger is work. Sex is fun and it’s work too and normally we like that reward we get at the end of a great session!

Since moving to self hosting there is not only the time spent writing but a small outlay of cash, that realistically I probably shouldn’t be spending but I do since ultimately I like what I do here. That said, as bloggers earning a little cash for their work becomes more the norm, I admit if I could do the same it would certainly be nice and help defray costs and hell maybe even help fund a dinner, the dental fund or whatever. Yet it’s not key to my survival as a blogger since it all comes down to the fact I like blogging, fuck…it’s a hobby!

Now I tried the publishing network thing (she who shall remain unnamed) and it wasn’t for me, too many damn rules, and frankly not enough pay off. Two months with she who shall remain unnamed and I didn’t even earn $20! Plus you gotta wait to get the cheddah…nah, that’s not me. If I am hawking products I don’t use and feeling sleazy I need a little something extra, yeah I am high maintenance like that!

So we got the fabulous tip jar which I hope folks use but realize many feel skeevy about doing so, after all this is my labor of love. So I am looking at advertising and sponsored posts but being me I don’t know if it’s practical since well…I do have a day job. I also don’t have huge numbers, I mean I am no Uppercase Woman! (I love her blog)

So I am going to test these concepts out, by offering a few weeks of free, that’s right free advertising to any organizations that are either Maine based, woman owned or Black owned companies.(restrictions apply but we can discuss if you are interested) I want to play with making sure I can actually install ads since I am not a tech gal and pretty much make that man o mine do the background stuff here. I also want to make sure it feels like a good fit for me. Much like my time with she who remain unnamed network, ads may just not work and in that case, project monetize will officially end.

So if you are interested, want to create some advertising for your hopefully cool product or service, reach out and let me know. My email addy is on the side bar or leave a message. Thanks luvs!

5 thoughts on “An offer you can’t refuse, be my testers!”

  1. I havent forgotten you. i havent made an add banner in years but I’m sure i can pull something outta my hat. let me know what you need for specs 🙂

  2. WOW! Love the new look!

    Work it and write about it along the way so we know how it’s working out. And just my two cents: reviews and adverts aren’t the only way to monetize. Think: email subscriptions, BGIM tees (products), e-books, and more. We can talk.

  3. Sent you guys a DM on twitter you are Maine based so you qualify, also I have tried your pork so I can speak to the product. Would love, love to host an ad for you guys!

  4. This Farm is a family farm, actually it is a “Limited Liability Corporation” (LLC) that has 3 members who are women and 2 members that are male. Not one of us is black, although one of us has kinky hair — so are we disqualified?

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