A Taste of BGIM

OK, I admit as I just typed that title, my mind went some place else…yeah I have the mind of a 12 year old boy. Ignore it! Anyway things are heating up around here as I am thigh high in planning a fundraiser for my job. Times are rough in non-profit land, the level of need keeps increasing and the resources to assist are simply not there. As a result I am spending more time than usual trying to drum up support to keep the doors open at the tiny agency that I lead.

In other news I am applying for a writing residency fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center which has a due date of October 3, let us just say my manuscript needs a lot of work. Fingers crossed that I can make the deadline and then toes crossed that I get in, since I am applying to a new program they have for parents that provides a stipend to make up for the wages that would be lost while I am away writing.

Look for some changes around here, I have decided that being in the Blogher network doesn’t work for me. I look at my blog and I am turned off by the ads for shit I would never in a million years use like that frickin Country Crock! Nope, I buy my butter from a local farmer. After much soul searching it is clear that I will never be the type of blogger that can follow the typical path for monetization, hell I talk too damn much. So buh bye ads, hopefully the process won’t take too long to lose em. That said I am looking to do a slight redesign and hopefully offer advertising for products I love. Don’t know if that will happen but there are some items I swear by, made by local and not so local folks but the key thing is they are generally 1-2 people operations which I feel strongly about supporting. While we are talking about that dreaded energy known as money, on the suggestion of a reader I will be adding a tip jar. No pressure but any donations received will help defray the cost of running this blog, help me in attending a conference or two and hey if I am real lucky add some help on my ever growing dental bills since I have another date with a new oral surgeon coming up to remove a tooth that apparently decided it didn’t like the root canal.

Now that I have bored you with minutia, you can read my latest piece for the Portland Phoenix here.

3 thoughts on “A Taste of BGIM”

  1. i’ve never had the ads- even though i need money. i just figure i’m so tired of people trying to sell me crap (and i’m always broke), that i can’t have the ads on my site. hopefully you won’t lose much money- i always think its nice to see a site ad-free.

  2. There is nothing better to get you to focus on your art. You are a good writer, you have something to say and deserve this. I have all appendages crossed for you.

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