New directions for this blog

Dear Readers,

Let me just say its been a fun ride the past two years in this space. I have come to accept that in this current form I will never become a blog superstar, after all I don’t have a focus or niche other than the fact I am a Black woman living in Maine.

So as I think about the fact that I would like to grow my readership, I ask you dear readers what changes would you suggest for this blog? I have been toying with the idea of maybe changing the name to Black Mama in Maine and focusing more on parenting from the lens of a Black woman. After all in the blogosphere it seems the Mamas get all the love and if nothing else access to much swag and maybe even a new computer.

Seriously, though fall is here and I am thinking change is in the air so if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.

PS: Computer beg-a-thon is still underway and while I don’t want to pressure anyone if you have ever read this blog and enjoyed what you were reading consider supporting this space by making sure I can continue writing. I don’t expect any one person to make a large contribution but every dollar counts. At this point I think if I can get halfway to my goal of $1200 for a Mac Book Pro, I will be able to afford the rest. Granted I would like to incur no debt which is why I am doing the beg-a-thon in the first place.

5 thoughts on “New directions for this blog”

  1. Where is the “Donate” button?
    Also, ideas for the direction of the blog…pictures of Maine (even the well read like photos) and purchase the domain Black Mama in Maine. Your more a mama & married woman than a “girl”. Yo don’t have to focus on parenting to change the name. Self host your new domain & get higher search results. Good Luck!

  2. Hang in there! Have you thought about selling something. Can you bake? How about making some candy? Stay Positive. Things will get better!

    • Realistically I am swamped with work and life, there is no way I can take time to sell anything. Right now we are desperately trying to organize a yard sale before the weather changes and even that is starting to look like a stretch.

      The idea for the beg-a-thon came from several of my favorite bloggers who have held online donation drives. I have no ads or any of the more in your face devices that others use on their blogs to earn money because this blog is not about earning money. However I have a handful of dedicated readers and it was my hope that for some in the spirit of community they would be willing to support a community member. I am thankful for those who have contributed and happy for anyone else who feels moved to donate. Again, no pressure on the other hand I believe that out of sight is generally out of mind which is why I am bringing this up again. 🙂

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