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Today is the first weekday in weeks that I am actually off work. Monday night one of my board members demanded I take the rest of this week off and return to work next week. In typical workaholic fashion I spent yesterday handling our social media and working on a grant, figuring I would get ahead of myself since I have 3 grants to churn out by December 31. I love my work and I am passionate about it, knowing people lack necessities bugs me and I do all I can to bring some joy to their lives.


A funny thing happened today, I woke up with plans to make the most out of my one child free day since it was the six year olds last day of school. So that means two weeks with the kiddo at home! I love our time but knowing that this year I won’t have the luxury of being off two weeks alongside her, I know there will be some stressful points. Anyway I had my day planned out and well it seems Mother Nature had a different plan as the roads were slick with ice. The Spousal Unit was willing to do the driving so I could run errands but after hearing of numerous accidents and slide offs, it hit me…just be.


I haven’t been to either a yoga or yoga nidra class in the past couples of weeks; generally yoga is the glue that keeps me mindful and present. I know when I am sliding back into harmful ways of being when I feel the need to go 100 miles an hour, and I have been going full speed ahead for weeks, not fully present and juggling way too many balls. Part of it is necessity but the other part is simply being caught up on the treadmill of life that way too many of us live on. When simply being fully present and in the moment is near impossible because we are always mentally skipping ahead to the next task. I hate living like that, yet without yoga to put me in the present I fall back into bad habits.


So I spent the day accepting that my plans simply were not to be and then the Divine wanted to make sure I really got the message. See, my son aka college kid is coming home tonight. I haven’t seen him since he went back to school at the end of summer, so I am anxious to see my baby, knowing he is truly no longer a baby but a man…I gave birth to him though and he will always be my baby. When I booked his flight some weeks back, I purposely chose a flight so he would get home right before dinner. As you can imagine Mama Bear has been running around sprucing up the house and cooking to make sure his first meal back is a good one. Well my son who has been flying solo since he was 5 years old missed his flight. He has never missed a flight, turns out he misread the itinerary.  It’s a snafu but after a call to his Pops to get money for the change fee, as I type this his flight is in the air. Only thing is it will now be close to midnight by the time he gets here.


That means our perfect Solstice meal, won’t be so perfect but it’s okay because I will just be present in this moment, knowing he is on his way. I can’t change it and getting mad or sad does no good.  Sort of like my odd Christmas tree, I’ve been working so hard that it’s only been in the past day I could think about Christmas. Let’s just say that going to the tree lot four days before Christmas does not get you the choicest selection, it’s okay…we have a tree. She is at least 7 feet tall and only cost $20.


If you have been running around like crazy, might I suggest that you take a moment and just be…everything will come together. Life is not perfect and our holiday or days don’t have to be either, instead I invite you to join me in enjoying the messiness of the season.


I suspect this space will be quiet for a few days unless the writing bug hits me, so I wish you and yours a warm holiday.



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  1. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from a long time off and on reader/lurker!

    And yes, it’s better to be IN the moment. There’s lots of pearls to be enjoyed that’s missed otherwise.

    May your life be full of those treasures!!

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