It’s all about meeeeeeeeeeeee! A nasty little disease.

There is a dreadful disease sweeping across the nation, yet unlike West Nile, Swine Flu or any of the other diseases that catch the media’s eye, no one talks about this disease because the reality is we all have it to some degree. It’s called me-ism, it’s all about meeeeeeee!

Oh, the me virus has always been around to some degree but modern life with all our bells and whistles has created an environment where me-ism thrives and frankly we all need help. See, when you catch a case of me-ism, the world is only about me (or you). When caught in the throes of me-ism, it’s no longer possible to see or care for anyone that is not connected to you (or me).

Just this morning I witnessed several near accidents on the road caused by me-ism. In the first instance it was at my daughter’s school, in the parking lot where I witnessed parents drop off their precious cargo. These same parents then get back in their cars, pick up their smartphones and start texting or whatever they are doing all while driving through a crowded parking lot filled with small kids and adults. I am sure in their minds whatever they are doing is important, but hey what about all of us who almost became road kill because you think what you are doing is more important than my right (or little Susie’s) to safely cross the parking lot? It matters not, when afflicted with me-ism, no one else matters.

Not even ten minutes after the parking lot wars, I saw someone blow through a light with not a care in the world that traffic was coming, gee, why wait for the light? I got to go now! Me-ism at work.  Thankfully others were paying more attention, so Mister I give not a fuck was able to avoid the smashing he so richly deserved.

The roads are filled with people caught in the throes of me-ism and people wonder why I can’t get over my nervous Nelly ways when it comes to driving? Maybe when people get off their devices I will feel slightly better.

Election season is in full swing now and I am sure before it’s all over quite a few friendships and family relations will be strained and tested, hell some might even end. Technology now allows us to share our thoughts on a wide range of matters and thanks to Facebook; we now know that Uncle Ronny is a proud Tea Party Patriot since he tells us all on Facebook. However instead of ignoring Uncle Ronnie or Aunt Sheba’s Libertarian rants, we can simply go ham as my son would say and damn it if we can’t convince them to not only see our point of view or even better change their beliefs, well Uncle Ronnie is gone. Defriend him, game over.

Ummm, why do they need to think like us? The old agree to disagree principle is passé, in me land I need you to be like me. Otherwise what good are you? I see me-ism at work in pretty much every area of life, and trust me I suffer from it too. I recently found myself annoyed that someone didn’t want to follow the plans I had for their life, after all I am older, wiser, and I know better. Until someone else sat me down and explained that the person I was quite salty with was simply following their dreams. Then I realized it was okay for them not to listen to me, yet deep down I still struggle with wanting to enforce my will on others.

I wish I had the answer; a little me-ism is a good thing, after all it ensures we are taking care of ourselves. When a mom demands that everyone in the house give her an hour a day of solitude, or an employee finds the courage to ask for the raise they want and need, that is me-ism but in healthy doses. The problem we are facing though is that me-ism is running amok; too much me-ism is making the world a less than pleasant place at times. Too much me-ism takes away our ability to see others and be present with them and more importantly express empathy.

As of right now, no one knows has the cure for this dreaded disease but perhaps raising awareness that it exists and that it is affecting us all is a good first step in preventing the spread of this nasty disease.  Me-ism might not kill you, but too much me can sure as hell make life unpleasant.

2 thoughts on “It’s all about meeeeeeeeeeeee! A nasty little disease.”

  1. I would be lying if I said I didn’t unfriend a couple of folks because they had a like Romney on their page. I can only handle it if I consider you to be a real friend. Right now the republican rhetoric is so abhorrent to me I just can’t bring to myself to really want to hear they are talking about. I just can’t.

    As for texting while driving. I don’t do that because it ain’t that serious. I may talk while driving and I usually have my mic on while doing it so that my hands are free.

  2. Yup, tons of me-ism on the road. Best piece of advice I ever received about driving was from my dad who said, “Just behave as if everyone on the road is crazy except for you.” I’m never surprised when I see folks on driving a good 40/50 miles per hour and holding the phone texting. SMH.

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