Sample Round Up

Happy Friday! It’s a gorgeous day up in my corner of the world and way too beautiful to be writing a blog post today. So I present you with the Friday Round-Up a list of blog posts this week from other bloggers that blew my mind. Perhaps if you need to kill some time or have a quiet moment you can check them out. Check out this cat, I have been a fan of his work forever. Good stuff here as well A Maine blogger who talks fashion and food…the best of both worlds A new blog that offers words of wisdom for all of us. Another Mainer who for Lent is giving up pants, she is also a crafty gal

If you have any links to good blogs, feel free to leave em. It’s my hope to make the Friday Round Up a regular feature at my new home specifically I would live to shine some light and love on smaller bloggers. It’s hard out here in this blogosphere with so many good blogs to choose from and so little time so let’s help everyone get a slice of the pie.

I will be back on Monday, at that time I will unveil some ideas I have around monetizing things but