A Tale of Two Beaches.. Pt 2 Holiday Weekend

Another 4th of July has come and gone, I have now been to the beach two times in the past 2 days, so I thought I would share some tales from the beach with you.

Yesterday the fam and I decided to go to the local resort beach town, just south of my little coastal hamlet. The town in question bills itself as a family friendly kinda place though for many years it was the kinda joint that after dark, well the rather seedy white folks like to come out and start acting buckwild. By midnights folks would be out in the street busting bottles over each other’s heads and thankfully none of the hooligans were people of color. (living in Maine, I have learned white folks is plenty fucked up, it just doesn’t get covered in the news like folks of color fucking up)

That said, times have changed and now folks from all over New England like to come and in the past few years I have noticed the influx of Blacks and Latinos from Boston who like to come up north and get their Maine vacation on. So that makes this one of my favorite places to go for the people watching since in Maine, I don’t get to see too many Blacks, Puerto Ricans, and Whites chilling in the same place.

Its like riding the el back in Chicago, I love my peeps but some of us well we come to the beach all wrong, this is a special shout-out to the brotha wearing timberland boots, shorts and a Boston Celtics jersey.. maybe I am getting old but since when the hell do boots go with shorts at the beach? I don’t know, maybe he wanted to be prepared for ass-kicking at the beach? Also how come in Maine when I see a brotha, he is often paired with a tired looking white woman who always tries to give a sista the stank eye.. girl, you can keep that snaggle tooth looking cat. And for the middle age woman with the big ass belly, the bikini was not for you and I am almost middle age so I can say that. Yeah, I am being pissy but hey blogging gets it out of my system.

That said, today’s beach visit was the beach town near me that rarely ever has any folks of color there, its one of these towns where families been coming for the past 40 years to vacation. As I remarked to the spousal unit, I suspect the reason folks come to this town is because its nostalgic. I had a few people looking at me like why the hell is a black woman on the beach? Same reason as you, I like the sun. Yeah, I may be a cocoa complected sista, but the feel of sun and sand is amazing, time on the beach centers me. 

 After a sista spent time playing on the beach with mini- me, we were hungry. Now I could have went home and made lunch but I am off today. So we headed to the 1 damn place to eat in this town, seriously.. its an old fashioned soda fountain place that serves food, shop  looks like something out of a 1940’s movie set. Its so damn quaint its unbelievable, that said of course we walk up into the spot and get the look. In my quest to be more peaceful, I refrained from giving my look back, instead I pondered why is it that white folks seem to love old shit? Seriously, I know so many white folks who seem to pine for a simpler time and yet I rarely meet any Black folks who discuss the merits of homemaking in say 1808? Could be cuz that shit would have been less than pleasant for our Black asses, if ya know what I mean.

That said, as I wrap up the holiday weekend, good times was had by all, and no one was receiving end of my size 9 up they ass. May Sunday be a good day as well.

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  1. You had me cracking up at “why do white folks like old stuff”. LMAO. You are so right. I never hear Black folks pining away for the good ole days, and it’s for good reason.

    (BTW, I came across your blog through NP. I’m fronuff on MDC. 🙂 )

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