Burnt Out

Maybe it’s because the dialogue around the health care issue is starting to get ugly (when will folks just get real and say the issue is the fact that a Black man is in charge? Quit pussyfooting around) or maybe its because work is getting crazy…in any event I am in a rare place where I almost don’t want to know what is going on in the world. I wake up listening to my local NPR affiliate station and generally in the evening I  watch the local news station; I have always been a news junkie but lately watching or hearing the news feels so heavy.

In November after the election, I was filled with so much hope for this nation. Now though I think we are on a one way course back to a dark place. Birthers, town hall folks….I was so saddened when I heard about a protester at one of these discussions that held a sign up (sorry too tired to link it) saying death to Obama, Michelle and their girls. What the fuck is wrong with people? Seriously, if I were Michelle Obama right about now I would be saying baby, you need to quit….do a Sarah Palin and just exit stage right.

I guess we ought to be lucky though that the First Lady does not think like me but I can only imagine if I find all this nastiness stressful, how hard must it be for their family? 

All this to say I am feeling burnt out on world events and happenings yet because of my work its hard to escape the ugliness that exists in the world. I see families daily in so much need, families mired in generational poverty that at times makes me feel so silly talking about my own financial woes here at BGIM. After all, while my financial situation is a tad shitty at the moment, fact is I write these posts from the comfort of my home that is mortgage free. My freezer is filled with good healthy food and while Visa, MasterCard and that bitch Sallie Mae want their money, all my basic needs are met. The work I do is often good at keeping me grounded and making sure I don’t wallow in self pity too long.

Nope, truth is I am burnt out, its strange because if I didn’t like blogging so much I would say its time to say good bye yet I do like blogging. But most of what I write is about current happenings so not sure what that means for the future of BGIM. Any ideas? Maybe more posts on the simple life in Maine?

Well, have a happy weekend! We are expecting a heatwave so I suspect I will be logging in plenty of time on the beach this weekend.

7 thoughts on “Burnt Out”

  1. I believe Obama is going to be very successful, and that is why many conservatives are hating him. They know if this health reform passes(which it will), Obama’s approval ratings will skyrocket
    and the Republicans will have no chance of reclaiming the White House. They are doing everything they can to derail and weaken his presidency, but it’s going to backfire and Obama knows it.

    • Lynn, Mr. President may not know it, but one thing he said while interviewed by ’60 minutues’ when he was still running against Hillary is that he never doubted this could happen, he doubted it would happen. One thing I realized is that Mr. President and Michelle have an view from above…meaning they rarely focus on the short term. Long term and longevity is something they both agree on so these short term battles are only part of the long term war Mr. President knows he can be victorious in.

      As far as I’m concerned he is here to bring discomfort to a lot of comfortable folks who were either just getting by (complacenty is the theif of content), or taking from the poor to make themselves rich.

  2. Given our country’s history, I admit I must agree with you on this one blackgirlinmaine. I follow your posting but I don’t always respond. I am trouble by the lack of Presidental respect that has been afforded past presidents regardless of their policy but not President Obama. Fox news (noise) (you pick)are constantly distorting and out-right lying on the president. I tend to think if we had a president that fell into the 87% non-black or should I say a white president; we would not be talking about this. Simply put; a large part of America has a problem accepting a Black president regardless of the percentage that voted for him.

  3. I feel you Shay about the news . . . I have to stay away for all the “news” for my mental health.

    You know, I love to hear your insights on and experiences in parenting an older (male) child and a younger (female) child. It helps to hear from someone who’s been there on the one hand but is still there on the other. 🙂

  4. I think for some folks the issue are his policies and goals, heck I voted for the guy and even I don’t care for all his goals. Then again is it possible for any politician to have 100% support?

    Yet I do think for some folks their discomfort is rooted in racism yet its no longer cool to say I hate the guy because he is Black instead people throw around words like socialist without a true understanding of what socialism is and isn’t.

  5. I’m sincerely grieved that you feel the animosity towards Mr. Obama is due to his skin color. I just know he won the election quite handily in a land that’s 87% non-black.
    I think that his policies and goals for the nation are the main problems that people have with him. Granted there are racists of every color and it’s very unfortunate these kind of people won’t go away. Looking beyond that is something that’s a challenge for us as individuals, but as individuals we can overcome and perhaps influence others.
    I appreciate your writing and honesty.
    Oh, hoping you and yours have a great weekend!

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