Tuesday ramble

Rain, rain go away and how about you come back in a couple of weeks? Yep, its another gray rainy day up here in my corner of the world. I woke up early to take girl child to her first dental visit and now have a pile of work on my desk that I am avoiding. Too damn tired, so that means I have all sorts of random shit running around in my head…so today’s post has no rhyme or reason other than I was just thinking.

Riddle me this? Why do white guys bring chainsaws when they are about to get down and dirty and fight? No, I am serious, yesterday I was working in my home office and all of a sudden I heard angry voices. As an aside I now understand better why when we were looking at this house, local folks tried to talk us out of buying so close to an apartment complex. I swear 9 out of 10 times if something worthy of calling John Q Law happens on this block its because of the apartment dwellers…by the way I grew up in apartments so I am not bashing folks in apartments it just seems that in Maine, apartment dwellers are a tad rowdier than I am used to but I am getting off track.

Anyway after hearing one guy call another one a filthy MF, I realized maybe I should peek my head out the window. What did I see? A guy who lives in the apartment complex engaging with a man who lives in the townhouse across the road from the apartment. The man in the townhouse had a posse of young men, hopping out of a pickup truck who were all yelling at the lone apartment man, lets go. In case you are not hip on young folk vernacular, that would be the sounding cry that they were about to take the altercation to the next level and get physical.

Now from my view it already looked like apartment guy was about to get his ass kicked unless he was about to bring out his inner Bruce Lee. Those fellas getting out the pickup looked beefy and like they kick asses on the regular and apartment boy looked like he had not been eating his Wheaties. So if that wasn’t bad enough one of the pickup dudes runs to the side of the townhouse and comes back with a chainsaw and starts running towards apartment boy. I admit my heart fell thinking oh shit. Thankfully at about that time, the clear sounds of the police came and the two camps started to back away…guess no one wanted a ride in the backseat.

So who knows what will happen but this scene reminded me of many years ago, my ex-unit got into a verbal altercation with my landlord ( I say mine since we were separated) and the landlord ran in his house and came out with a chainsaw…sadly my ex-unit maced the guy. It had no impact on my relationship with the landlord though the ex could no longer visit our son at my house. But this incident made me think about the fact I have never seen a couple Black or Latino guys¬†getting ready to rumble and deciding hey I need a chainsaw. Shit that makes you go hmmmmm.

So its official Jon and Kate are no more. I know you are devastated just like I was…..not! But riddle me this if your marriage were dying, why the fuck would you put that out there when you have 8 kids??? Look, I know they have a contract but at a certain point where is the common sense. Fucking cancel the contract, work on the family. Sorry, Jon and Kate but I think the college fund may end up being the therapy fund when those cute kids are older.

Also but maybe its me but a show showing each parent at a time with  the kid hardly seems tv-worthy. I mean if we are about to see Kate raises 8 (with a little help from Jon) what the heck is so different between her a million other single Mamas. Ummmm, well she is cute and white and the kids all have the same Daddy. Sorry, but I had to go there.

Lastly, before I went to bed Keith Olbermann mentioned some Republican lawmaker who was against the Summer Food Program that feeds poor kids. In fact she stated that there was no need for a 16 year old to access this program since they could get a job at McD’s…after all hunger is a great motivator. What the hell is wrong with Republicans, I swear they are becoming more unhinged.

Anyway may the sun come out so I can go back out and play between work. Until then I am in my gloomy office with all sorts of thoughts swirling around in my head.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday ramble”

  1. Every time I read or hear something crazy that these politicians are doing or saying these days I get a headache. “Hunger is a great motivator”…WTH!?! Madam politician evidently isn’t “motivated” enough with her chunky butt (I had to go there).

    Maine sounds like quite an interesting place. I have to get to New England soon.

    Enjoy the rain.

  2. Hey there bgim, you’re ramblings are so funny and “on-point”. I found your site a week ago and you’ve kept me jolly through all this rain. Hey just so you know this is NOT the northwest and the sun will have to come back eventually. Cheers!

  3. Hi there! {waves}

    I can’t believe that some nut ran and got a chain saw! What in the world was he going to do? Saw the guy in half?

    Oh and the Jon and Kate thing… I read about that online since I don’t own a television. Actually, the relationship may have had many problems prior to the reality show.

    Oprah said that fame only augments what you already are inside.

    I hope that they don’t cancel their show IF they feel that the children are not being emotionally exploited. Perhaps other parents watching the show can learn HOW to co-parent through divorce.

    If the kids are being pressured to “perform” for the cameras then that’s completely dysfunctional but if there are cameras installed in the walls of the house and camera men aren’t just trailing them all over the place all day long, then I don’t know that the children would even notice that they are being filmed all day long. So how are they being traumatized? I don’t understand why there are so many articles about that online.

    However… I suppose when the family leaves the house and there are groups of tabloid photographers swarming around and yelling the kids names then that would be a different story.

  4. For the record, y’all…I had to go pick up the girl child from daycare, so I missed the part with the chainsaw.

    On that last item, honey…let me guess: Was it that wench from Minnesota who said that? Michele Bachman or something like that? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was…that woman is batshit crazy…like Sarah Palin level GOP crazy.

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