The return of the podcast…with some cool changes

Many of you may recall my first foray into the world of the podcast not long ago, with the series “You Don’t Know the Half” (named in honor of a well-used saying by my mom back in the day). Well the podcast is back, with some exciting changes.

First, it’s now called “Black Folks Talking Sh*t” and second, I have a co-host now, the eminent and talented Samuel James (blues musician, a staff writer for this very blog and one of the people I interviewed in the previous incarnation of the podcast)

In our first episode, we talk about the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, what happened, and why. More than that, we also talk about white supremacy culture and systems gone off the rails, racism, the need for rest and care, our fathers and more. Sam even tells a great story about how he got his drivers license. Join us!

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