That will teach them!

So yesterday when I heard about the plane crash in Texas, I was like uh oh…is it terrorists? Well I guess the answer to that depends on who you are; it seems one fella by the name of Joseph Stack was just a tad pissed at the IRS and he was good and fed up with the government interfering with his personal liberty. So the next step was to take his plane (yeah, his plane!) and fly that bitch right into the local IRS headquarters.

I admit as someone who owes the IRS some cash and has been dealing with them for a few years, there is a part of me that can understand how it is to deal with the IRS. I mean the interest rates and penalties the IRS charges makes Vinny the Loan Shark look damn good but never have I thought “Gee, I’m gonna go fuck up the IRS”. Instead I think damn, I need more money to get these bitches off my back.

Now I don’t know all of Stack’s situation but I do know how the IRS works when you owe them money and I have heard a few figures being bandied around that Stacks owed and really I don’t get it. My experience with the IRS has been pretty decent, aside from the time that snatched every dollar in my bank account some years ago, though after talking to them and agreeing to a mutually agreeable plan, they gave me my money back. See, I explained real nice I needed that money to eat, pay bills and put gas in the car otherwise they probably wouldn’t get any of their cash if my ass was starving and homeless. Even the man understands reason.

No, people who fear the IRS tend to have issues, as I know others with IRS issues, generally folks like the Spousal Unit who are self-employed and fucked up for a year or so but most of the time they work with you. My guess is Mr. Stacks was a man who didn’t want to work with them. Since in my mind if you own a plane and you owe the IRS maybe its time to get rid of that plane, fly Southwest and pay your fucking tax bill. I admit I am speculating as this case is unfolding but apparently a family member stated that Stacks lost his retirement and savings to the IRS…well if you ignore them and you have the means to pay, they tend to frown upon that shit. See, I don’t have anything special aside from the house I live in and the one family car so really if the IRS ever decided to come get me, I don’t have much to get. This guy on the other hand sounds like he wanted to live the good life and tell the IRS to take a leap…the g-men definitely don’t like that shit. They will work with you but play em like a cheap trick and the IRS will come down on your ass and it won’t be pretty but you will know they are coming.

So knowing what I know about owing the IRS money, I say Stacks is a fucking terrorist… a homegrown terrorist, after all he knew what he was doing. Hellooooo, he left a long as note letting folks know what and why he did what he did but then to make matters worse he decided to burn his house down too. Damn, considering he had a wife that was just cold-blooded.

Yet despite all the talk, it seems folks are happy to say he was just a lone nut job sort of like the good professor in AL who decided to use her colleagues as target practice. She was nutty, no, Stacks had a grudge towards the US government and flew a plane into one of its buildings. I don’t know but the last time some shitheads flew planes into our buildings we called em terrorists. Of course the difference this time is the pilot of destruction is a white American instead of a person of color with a hard to pronounce name.

Anyway I say he was a terrorist…that’s my truth and I am sticking to it. Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “That will teach them!”

  1. Very tough times we’re living in…unfortunately we may see many more like this as our economy tanks…What I fear the most is our future…

  2. You were right………..domestic stupid terrorists.

    I can never figure these guys out that don’t think that they should have to pay taxes. They want to use the roads and be protected by our military, firefighters and police; and they want to use the post office and they’ll dial 911, they just don’t think that they should have to pay taxes. It’s just so damned stupid and shortsighted.

    I get the frustration with having to pay taxes, but I guess I just don’t get the frustration with having to pay taxes…..yeah I know that’s senseless.

  3. Now again, we cannot condone such action, but it’s a strange day when many are sympathetic…I guess that’s why “they” pulled the story so quick!

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