RIP America

So it appears that for all the hullabaloo that happened last year in Wisconsin, in the end the people decided change is scary. So Scott Walker enjoy the rest of your term and at the rate we are going in this country, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with President Mittens, but who knows? In any event, George Carlin seems appropriate tonight.

2 thoughts on “RIP America”

  1. Tell me you have seen the Doc “And So Goes the Nation.” If not, please do.

    I followed WI from when it began. Obviously, I don’t live there, but I watched, I waited, I stood with those folks. And I’m hugely disappointed that so many couldn’t be fucking bothered to write about politics. I sat there thinking, this could be another And So Goes the Nation moment. Unions aren’t perfect. But without collective strength, this is how you get stagnant wages and all that Carlin talks about. It’s bullshit. The American Dream for me has been on life support for, oh, about five years now. It’s a mirage.

    I think, and I don’t even care about how wrong this is, you dumb fucks, they are coming for you next. Like the quote first they came for whoever and I wasn’t that so I didn’t worry and then they came for the next person and I wasn’t that either so I didn’t worry and whattaya know, it ends with them coming for YOU.

    And let’s not forget that when we are talking about government workers and collective bargaining and teacher unions we are, statistically, talking about women’s work. Women, by in large, make up the workers that fill these positions. So when we see an assault on repo rights AND collective bargaining and unions like those in WI it is a war.

    But there’s another Twittery party with Tide coming up at 9 PM.

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