Random Monday Babble

My daughter is under the weather today in that way that happens to kids, so my work week is starting off a tad slow, so no real post today since at the moment she is on the couch and I only have a quick moment to post.

For starters, I am so happy that Colin Powell decided to endorse Obama, I think for those among us who like to think, he gave us a lot to chew on with his words. Hopefully this coupled with the record shattering 150 million the Obama campaign raised in September is proof that the Hope Express may really have a chance at winning the election.

I am honest, I am not doing the happy dance until November 5. Right now while the polls are looking good, what really matters though is that folks go out and vote, we cannot get complacent, every vote counts. In fact I am thinking I may utilize early voting for the first time ever because I am paranoid and don’t want to chance anything happening that might prevent me from voting like illness, etc.

So public service announcement of the day is vote, vote early, vote now. Whatever you do, don’t put it off.  We must show the McNasty-Palin folks that there are plenty of Americans that love this country no matter how flawed she is and that we don’t want that vile hate and shit they are trying to sell to our less informed countrymen and women. Lets send Sarah and her rag tag crew back to Alaska so that Todd can continue with his plans to secede from the country and ole John back to Arizona where maybe he can get back to more pressing issues like taking up golf to help with his anger management problem.

On a more personal note, Blackgirl got a job offer after 18 months of being self-employed and doing my Rick Ross hustling imitation, I will be going back to the land of regular employment with hopefully a regular paycheck.

Have a great Monday!

9 thoughts on “Random Monday Babble”

  1. Great news about the job! I hope mini-me is getting better.

    I voted early and am glad I did even though I live in a mostly Democratic county…if I lived in a mostly Republican county I might be a little nervous going to the polls. Wouldn’t stop me though. 😉

  2. Congrats! Does this land of regular employment with regular paychecks also include regular insurance? I know that was a big concern of yours. Hope it all goes well for you and Lil Diva feels better soon.

  3. CONGRATS on the job!! WOO HOO!! HOpe mini-me feels better. I faxed for my absentee ballot today!!

    I’m not celebrating until he gets sworn in office *lol*


  4. I hope mini-me feels better asap.

    I was quite pleased when I saw the clip of Colin Powell endorsing Obama. I really, really am keeping my fingers crossed hoping for the “Hope Express” pulls into the station.

    And ***CONGRATULATIONS*** on the new position. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

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