No time to blog, gotta live before the world ends!

So according to Harold Camping and his merry band of dupes…oopps that would be followers the world shall be ending tomorrow May 21, 2011. It’s easy to laugh this away but despite the fact I have struggled with my faith in recent years, the truth is my connection to Evangelical Christianity runs deep.

Earlier this week, I found myself deep in the book of Revelations and other books of the New Testament only to be reminded that while the Bible does indeed speak of Jesus’s return to earth and a period of tribulation but and this is a but, its clear that no one will know the time. The bible itself says this (presuming you believe or even care about the Bible) in fact Paul who was the architect of the modern day church is clear that plenty of charlatans however will try to fool people. While I struggle with my faith, I admit going back and reading those words felt comforting.

Anyhoo, there are plenty of folks who do believe the world is cashing out tomorrow and they have taken many drastic steps to prepare, in some cases, quitting jobs, and basically just slacking on life on Earth. After all the earth is going bye bye so they believe. It’s easy to make jokes at the expense of these folks but to be honest it all makes me mad and serves as reminder that many people claim to have faith and love in something they don’t even understand. The Jesus of the Bible would not be pleased with these actions, I am sorry but I don’t feel like looking up exact passages but I believe that if Jesus saw what was being done in his name, well much like when he tossed the sellers out of the temple heads would roll.

So with it being the last day on earth, I figure screw writing or anything I have to do, I am about to eat, drink and be merry.