Nobody has any common sense it seems

I generally like to relax on the weekends but as more details emerged about this story, I just have to say something. Look if you want to have kids and you physically need some assistance to make that happen, I think its great that we live in a time and place where the medical technology exist where the once barren can have a child.

The issue I have is when folks who already have a few kids decide to play the life lotto and fuck around and end up with a damn football team worth of kids. In this most recent instance a woman with 6….read 6 kids, which by today’s standards is a pretty big family decides to get some medical assistance to have another child. Um….to quote my late great Mom, are you on dope or dog food? Seriously who in their right mind does that shit. Even Kate and Jon Gosselin only had 2 when they took the leap and now they have 8.

No, in this latest case Nadya Suleman ends up having 8 babies. Eight babies!!! Look I think babies are cute, shit I had 2 but and I am a Christian, if I fucked up and got pregnant with 8 babies at one time, God would have to send me a really clear sign to make me proceed otherwise, we would have to lose a few embryos. Yeah, I am cold like that but God knows my heart and he knows that me and 8 babies at one time would not be good for my sanity.

Let’s get back to this woman, so she gets pregnant after getting some assistance and is carrying 8 babies, but lets not forget the 6 she already has…let’s count, 6+8= 14. 14 kids!!! I don’t know but at some point some common sense should have prevailed starting with why the fuck would a doctor aid a woman in getting pregnant when she already has 6 kids.  So in this instance we not only have a woman who while she may loves babies isn’t quite thinking clearly, we have doctors who you think would try to discourage this sort of thing. I mean shit in some states  a pharmacist can’t be made to give a woman the morning after pill, if they morally object, certainly a doctor should be able to go, look this is a bad idea and I am not doing it.

Nope, its just further proof of the lack of common sense that has taken hold of us as a nation, folks spend money they don’t have and can’t figure out why their finances are jacked. Mine are fucked too but at least I am owning it. You have ex-governors running around caught on tape doing dumb shit, then claiming the world is out to get them. No, you simple Simon mothafucker, you are just stupid. Maybe shaking folks down on the phone where you could be taped is just a bad idea.

Anyway I wish Nadya Suleman luck with her babies and why do I think a tv show could be around the corner ala  the Duggars and Kate and Jon.

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  1. the lack of common sense and a boatload of narcissism. It’s this kind of behavior that would enrage me if I lived in California and my tax dollars had to support her foolishness.

    Who is paying the medical bills? How does she support her six children? How can she afford the help she will need for 14 children?

    Also, since when did vaginas become like clown cars?

  2. I am beyond disgusted by the whole “let’s have a litter and hit the lottery” of multiple births. Don’t even get me started on the Gosselins. It’s thanks to them that I got to learn that my tax dollars paid for her to have a home aide to help with herding her brood. Yeah, that’s right. She took to the local paper to plead her case for needing state funds to continue to pay for an aide and well, I highly doubt that since getting enough loot outta TLC for them both to quit their day jobs anyone has bothered to pay that back. Oh wait, they are in a higher tax bracket so hopefully they’ll stay there or it’s back to crying for help with a situation that they chose.


    I am totally stealing the “clown car” line.

  3. There’s actually one of those parodies of the inspirational posters (you know, like the ones with the soaring eagle and the words: SUCCESS…you have to fly with the eagles instead of associating with the turkeys). It has a family photo of the Duggars, with the words VAGINA: It’s not a clown car.

    I love that poster.

    But then again, I ridicule the Duggars about every few months in the blogosphere, so I guess I would.

  4. I agree there is no sense or common sense here this woman. All I want to know is who is going to flip the hospital bill for these 8 kids since she has no insurance. Also who paid the bill when she was pregnant with the other six. It’s easy to do as you please, but when you don’t have any money or insurance to pay the bills this is where she should she be stopped because it is not a free ride no matter what.

    Buy a dog!!!!!!!!!

  5. I see we all sit and judge once again. This is America, land of the free. If someone wants to have a hundred kids, what is that to us? We are not paying for these kids despite all you have read in blogs, amateur rag Mag wannabeeeeeez.

    Naydia is a good woman. If people want to donate to her site, so be it. You don’t have to, your right to choose, remember? Thats all I have to say

    Bob D Caterino
    Publisist for Naydia

  6. Bob, it’s the internet. Of course we judge, it’s safer and better than throwing stones in real life and noone gets hurt. A much more polite release valve for outrage than making prank calls or leaving nasty emails.

    Heads up, if you are actually making money by trawling the web to target blogs that are judging your alleged client, learn how to spell your job title. Just saying.

  7. As one of seven children raised by two caring parents, I feel saddened for the children. Regardless wether Naydia is a “good woman” or not does not give her any edge over this “Mother” role of 14. It hurts just thinking about it.

  8. Can anyone hold this fact in their mind for more than five minutes before barfing out more criticism against Octomom: A fertility doctor on the Larry King show Friday said that the chances of having octuplets from even implanting six embryos would have been 1 in > one million. This was a very exceptional occurance, and Nayda did not plan on having eight infants, but she carried them to term to live births. She could have terminated some in utero but did not choose to do so. She has values you give her no credit for. She is also a loving mother and her children at home are very happy and well adjusted. She did not plan on this, but let’s help find a solution.
    We spend over $300 Billion in foreign aid to Israel every year, and more to other countries. Why not write you legislators and congress people to end this insanity of huge sums of money to countries that kill with our money. They are wealthy and do not need the money. Use your energy and direct it toward what you are really angry about. This criticism sounds like a lot of displaced anger at the economy, loss of jobs and fear of the future. Direct it toward changing things that are real issues. Overall Nayda is not much different than three families on welfare. Take them all out for examination and flog them in the city center. Tar and feather them. Would that make you feel better. Stop this insane media incited hate toward Nayda.

  9. And with six kids already, and no job, and two of her existing kids with special needs…and clearly some mental health issues (plastic surgery she didn’t need, with 6 kids already…and apparently to look more like Angelina Jolie)…THOSE are the circumstances under which she tried to have another child.

    Even if only one embryo had taken, she was being irresponsible. And everything I’ve read and know so far still says implanting that many embryos is NOT standard procedure.

    So I will continue to heartily question her judgment and mental health, and the future welfare of these kids, thank you very much.

  10. Where did you get info she had plastic surgery? Are you spreading malicious gossip? I think that is called lying. Does Jolie have a patent on lips? How do you personally know Nayda had them “done”? Not according to her mother. Are they paying people to write she is mentally ill, or are you (collectively) just plain ignorant. There is a law against slander and liable. No therapist or psychologist can determine anyone’s motives or “mental state or disease” by watching someone on television. Even “Dr. Phil” is an entertainer, not in a position to label Nadya from a filmed interview. She is not his client. These c;aims against her mental health are said to entertain small and impressionable minds. Find a cause like ending foreign aid to Israel, a wealthy country. The US gives Israel 300 HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS a year. Write your congress man or woman. We give Billions more to other countries. Spend you idle time taking these causes on, not some vulnerable post partum woman. People like to work in gangs (media stimulated) to beat on the helpless and vulnerable.

  11. Fine. Then why not just the fact that she had six other kids, at least one of which (and I believe two) have special needs. And she spent her substantial savings on in vitro fertilization instead of focusing on what she already had to raise.

    That’s concrete. That’s poor mothering and/or mental health problems.

    I just want to make clear the CORE point that you’re ignoring. And at that, I won’t say another word; I doubt you’re going to even give THAT fact the credence it deserves. Buh bye.

  12. “Let him or her without sin cast the first stone”. It is easy to criticize at this point but what good does that do. There is only one Nayda Suleman and I doubt she will be starting a trend. Her autistic children likely got that way through required vaccines. We need to deal with reality, and the blame game, to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, just doesn’t work. What is this mental health problems issue? That again is just like name calling, without proof. Go donate to your local Planned Parenthood agency who loves to pay for abortions.

  13. Judith, clearly you are a passionate supporter of Suleman and that is your perogative but really this is just a blog of my thoughts. I write on a variety of topics that are either personal to me or based off current events but I am not interested in hosting a detailed discussion about Suleman.

    At the end of the day she has to live with her choices.

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