Must be nice

What is it with these folks trying to get jobs in the Obama administration and having tax issues? Seriously, first there was Tim Geithner and his small tax issue, only a mere $42,000 that he hadn’t taken care of until recently. Now we have Tom Daschle and his $140,000 tax problem, of course in both cases these fellows are paying the bills now and ole Tim was confirmed but Tom, well we will have to see.

Personally this shit bothers me, truth is me and the Spousal Unit have a small tax problem too that we have been dealing with for a few years. That self-employed path can fuck you up if you aren’t diligent which I wasn’t and now the interest has accrued and long story short, I got the IRS on speed dial with a direct number. When you owe over $25,000 the IRS has a special department that deals with you or at least that’s what my average ass has been told. These folks are like pit bulls if you don’t work with them, they will gank your money in the bank, zap your tax return, slap a lien on you…shit is not fun at all.

Which gets me to my rant, both ole Tim and Tom have been raking in far more shekels than the Mister and I have, how is it that these folks only now that they are in the midst of getting ready to obtain high powered gigs are being brought to task for these little tax issues?

I don’t know, it must be nice to know folks in high places, maybe it gets your tax return special privileges, that us mere mortals don’t have. I gotta be honest and say that frankly neither of these guys deserve these jobs because truly it sends the wrong message and really makes me feel like the hope and change train aren’t as special as I thought.

As for me, maybe I should have told the IRS, I forgot their cash but if I can get a hook up with a cushy job then I can pay my bill in full.