Fascism takes shape and ICE is key to that…and not just at the southern border

Look, I’m about to get into some serious shit, so let’s start off by lightening the mood. Check out these silly-ass animals!

I hope that brightened your day.

OK. Now for the serious shit.

The United States of America will probably become a literal dictatorship very soon.

Every person of color in the USA saw this coming a long time ago. Even those of us not paying attention figured it out at this point.

But since then a lot has happened and you better believe it all goes in the same direction.

The president of the United States of America is separating the country from its democratically elected allies and aligning the country with cruel and brutal dictatorships. He speaks ill of democratically elected leaders and fondly of cruel and brutal dictators. He has always enjoyed the support of klansmen and Nazis and all other brands of bigots within the United States, so, naturally he publicly speaks fondly of them.

Like all cruel and brutal dictators, the president of the United States dehumanizes minorities and immigrants with his speech, calling them animals and their presence as an infestation.

The president often speaks of changing the country into a dictatorship. He publicly wishes United States citizens would obey him like those suffering under cruel and brutal dictators. He talks publicly and hopefully about getting rid of his own term limits and suspending due process, which is probably more important than you think.

The president’s administration is deliberately separating children from parents with no plan or desire to reunite them. They are even going so far as to have toddlers appear in court all alone. These peoples’ lives are so meaningless and disposable to this administration that the attorney general even publicly jokes about how meaningless and disposable he thinks they are.

And there’s also the recent Supreme Court rulings furthering institutionalized racism and sexism as well as continuing to destroy workers’ rights. Adding the likelihood that the shockingly corrupt court itself will soon begin dismantling the rights of gay people and women and minorities and voters in general, It’s clear that a dictatorship is on the rise, if not already risen.

This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole. Again, the president is talking about actual people as animals and he’s seeing to it that they are caged and abused worse than animals. People are being kidnapped, beaten, sexually abused, their identities are being stolen, their children are being ripped from their arms and then those children are beaten and sexually abused—and it’s being done in your name by the United States government.

And again, the president is referring to actual human beings as an infestation. We all know what that means. We all know there is only one thing to be done about an infestation. We all know that dismissing one’s humanity makes it very easy to kill them. And we all know that there are certainly active members of the military who appear ready for the killing to begin.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself that the president probably isn’t really serious or that he’s just talking tough, you should know that we’ve been down this very predictable road before. Also, you’re being this guy. Don’t.

The secret police are roaming the streets and kicking down doors. They’re setting up check points. They’ve even got German Shepherds. And they are everywhere. Seriously, everywhere.

They’re even here in my state, in Maine, where there are barely any people of color. That makes it pretty easy for one of these Schutzstaffel pieces of shit to single out a person by their race. Yeah, it’s illegal, but of course it happens.

Now, look at this stumblebum, Hogan’s Heroes-looking, schweinhund right here. The driver asks him if she has to answer his questions and he just straight-up lies to her face, telling her that she does. Listen to him stutter and stammer like so many fascist Porky Pigs as he attempts to trick the driver into answering his questions with some kind of bullshit hall pass he pulls out of his filthy, Stasi pocket.

And it’s this moment that is going to decide where this country goes.

As Corporal Goosestep is trying to manipulate those young women into answering his questions, we need to ask ourselves the age-old question: How heroic would you have been had you lived in Nazi Germany?

Who would you have been?

What would you have done?

When you see a person of color in Maine, do you think we belong here?

You may have some kind of terrifying, Christophe-Waltz-type of idea as to who or what state-sponsored evil looks like, but real evil isn’t necessarily cruel on its face. Real evil is disarming. Real evil can be as charmingly inhibited as that crossing-guard-Uncle-Fester-looking motherfucker politely telling that young, white, female driver that he’s only attempting to detect accents.

How heroic would you have been?

If we don’t already know, I think we’re gonna find out pretty soon.

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1 thought on “Fascism takes shape and ICE is key to that…and not just at the southern border”

  1. Just the reality of the United States emerging for all to see. To digress — what do other nations think of the good old USA? The British on a good day, correctly say that, “Americans are just a bunch of barbarians practicing survival of the fitness”; and on a bad day, they even more correctly say that, “Americans are just a bunch of drunks, allowed to carry a hand gun”. But on the topic of “British” to really digress— it is wonderful to see the newest British royal, the Duchess of Sussex assuming her duties and being so welcomed “home” by the Queen. For your information, “Home” because that is where her first American ancestors began (in colonial New England in 1630) and many when they really figured out the USA – even before it became a “formal nation”- returned back home.

    Some of her cousins however did stay. For example, the Wing’s that came up from Cape Cod to plant the Quaker faith in Central Maine are her cousins. Jerry Talbot in his awesome, ” Maine’s Visible Black History “(Tilbury House: 2006) features some of them — for the beautiful details of this mixed race family see Elaine Kemp Bragdon, pp. 83-84. Elaine tells me that she has two direct Wing lines to my ONE direct line. Just a note : I was personally horrified when Daddy M. could not even get his act together enough to walk his daughter – our cousin – down the aisle !

    The question behooves those of us in the know – is why go down with the ship ? As Mr. James so accurately details – the USA is quickly evolving — as it has been predicted for years— into another corrupt “Banana” Oligarchy/ Republic. You can still find a safe harbor. Australia is still welcoming Americans and much more limited, so is Canada. I have my Passport Card always at the ready – in case I have to make a run for Canada. Incidentally this is Canada’s birthday. It was on July 1 that all the divergent cultures above our northern border got together to form a Confederacy just in case the USA decided to aim her guns at them ! I guess we could follow the model of the Canadians and finally become a uniform democracy . However, not only does our Constitution prevent this but our Military Tanks are armed to the hilt and for the kill !

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