Spring is here..

Its been a week of gloom and doom around here but its time to look on the positive side, after all while its easy to sit around and feel sorry for myself, truth is my life could be a whole lot worse. I got an email a few days that brought this home quite clearly, a woman I know but not well was just diagnosed withbreast cancer. Thing is we are similar in age, have kids in the same age range and are walking a similiar path in life with regards to our faith. She is actually one of the ministers at our church and we have talked briefly about my thoughts on going to seminary (I will share more on this later), in some ways she reminds me of myself. Which is why I was stunned to hear she is battling cancer, yet she wrote an amazing letter to our congregation that was filled with such an upbeat spirit that I must admit it made me feel bad about bitching about my life recently.

After all, as far as I know I am in in good health as are my immediate family members. I have a roof over my head, no utilities have been turned off, plenty of food in the house, car is running and the Spousal Unit and I do have jobs. Yeah, we may make less than we used to or less than we think we need but our needs are getting met.

So in the spirit of looking on the bright side, lets talk about Spring in Maine. First off there is no real spring, instead we have Mud Season…see it snows forever in Maine, shit, it may be April here but snowstorms in Maine in April are not unusual..in fact the first year here I was stunned to see so much snow. Thing is when its not snowing during spring, all the snow that has been piled up in the yard since December is only now finally melting thus creating a muddy effect otherwise known as Mud Season. I was just walking in my yard yesterday and my feet just sank into the mud…fun times.

Bright side though is that the birds are chirping and thanks to my neighbors bird feeders, I get to hear plenty of birds, I must admit the birds are far prettier than the flying rats (aka pigeons) I grew up with in Chicago. Of course this year, we have a new addition to the backyard wildlife, the arrival of a possum. A nice ugly looking beast though it seems they are harmless…I do wish it would get the hell out of my yard.

Other signs of spring include the opening of all seasonal businesses such as the local clam shacks and ice cream stands…nothing like homemade ice cream.

Anyway there are plenty of signs that spring is here including the thick rolling fog that prior to Maine, I had only seen in San Francisco though this fog at times is scary. Think a Stephen King novel, and you can imagine the fog here.

So happy Friday, happy Spring and what signs of Spring are you seeing in your area?

Eating local


These glorious pics are far our first pickup from our Spring share of our CSA, as regular readers know I strive to eat locally. One of the joys of living in Maine is that I have easy access to farms which means fresh food is easily accessible, yes it costs a tad more but from a taste perspective, nothing beats local eating.

We started buying locally about 6 years ago, I joined our CSA and was immediately hooked, though Mister Spousal Unit is not as sold on the concept as I am of buying local though he admits the local ground beef we get is far tastier than the regular stuff at the store.

Anyway spring is in the air with the arrival of greenhouse greens and other goodies. By the way our first share has eggs which mini me had the pleasure of playing with the lovely hens that laid the eggs when her and Papa did the pickup. In addition we had onions, cabbage, carrots, greenhouse salad greens and beets…oh, can’t forget the beans (red).  Its been great having daily salads again now that I can get real lettuce, the stuff available at the grocery store is tasteless in comparison.

Not much time for a long post since my computer spent most of the day at the computer shop being repaired, apparently she wanted a vacation…catch ya later.

Diversity cometh this way

Just a quickie today since I am off to conduct a training and feeling a tad under the weather. Portland is Maine’s largest city at roughly 65,000 inhabitants which really tells you how small this state is with a mere 1.5 million folks in a space that is as large as the other 5 New England states combined.

Anyway folks are often curious about how a Black woman (from Chicago of all places) can actually end up in Maine and moreso not want to slit her wrists…well its not easy but for the most part I like living here though I wish we did have a tad more diversity. That said, Portland our largest city and a mere minutes from my little town is about to get its first Black police chief. Check out this story, yep, James Craig a brotha from Los Angeles who currently oversees the gang and homicide unit in LA has decided to come to Maine.

According to the local media, he wanted a change of pace and even though he will be taking a substantial pay cut to be the top dog , I hope things work out well for him. Its funny because Portland also as a Black mayor, one Jill Duson who having met in passing once at a local event is a decent sista from what I can tell.

Strange, how in the whitest state, 2 of our largest cities, Portland and Auburn both have Black mayors and now we add a Black police chief.  Change is indeed a coming to a town near you, Black president, mayors in white states and so the list goes.

I’m just being silly but I just wanted to share that piece of news. All jokes aside, congrats Chief Craig and welcome to Maine.