What’s your anti-racism action plan in 2023?

Orange neon lighting spelling the word "Change" in cursive script in front or a mirrored background

Hold on a sec…putting on my hat. My hat as executive director of Community Change Inc (CCI).  Why am I wearing this particular metaphorical headgear today? Well, just as I was getting ready to write this piece, I saw something disturbing and telling. I was scrolling on Instagram in the morning, when I came across …

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Black Girl in Midlife

Black woman with afro wearing cool sunglasses

Recently a disgruntled reader left a comment on my personal Facebook page telling me that I am self-absorbed and not doing anything for the Black people of Maine. Initially, I was pissed off but upon further reflection, I realized that I am in a stage of my life where from the outside, I probably do …

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