Bearing witness: A Maine mass shooting

Black and white closeup of a man holding an automatic rifle close to his torso, with face and legs not visible

I have called Maine home for the last 21 years, and certainly I have often been ambivalent about this state for a number of reasons. Today, though, I write as a Mainer with a heavy heart. One of the state’s nearly one-and-a-half million residents now linked together in our collective sorrow, as we find ourselves …

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When our anti-racism work lacks authenticity

closeup of a peacock, mostly showing a massive display of his colorful tail feathers

I turned 50 in January, and the months leading up to my birthday were riddled with angst, as I envisioned myself dying several days after turning 50—just like my mother did. My fears may have seemed overblown unless you knew that my her father died at 54, and my mother had long feared that like …

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