Calling All White People, Part 55: Maybe we shouldn’t share trauma so widely

old style corded black phone mounted on red paneled wall

TODAY’S EPISODE: Finding the Line Between Trauma Porn and Awareness     I know many of you mean well…but sometimes you need to think twice before posting. Maybe even thrice. What am I talking about? Well, videos of Black people being brutally assaulted or killed by police. Or, for that matter, similar kinds of things. Maybe …

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Calling All White People, Part 54: Going beyond the little things

TODAY’S EPISODE: Sometimes the “little things” distract us from big work    “It’s the little things…” This is a pithy little saying about, well, little things, and it does have meaning. The little things do matter. Certainly micro-aggressions are little things but they build up and matter as constant pokes and jabs steadily wear the …

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