Election Season 2008

I started this election season off feeling rather apathetic, I am from Chicago but initially was not feeling Obama.. then Iowa happened and I started to beleive.. could it possible that a man of color could actually garner enough votes to win the nomination?? Needless to say I started to pay closer attention to the happenings, then Hillary cried (don’t even get me started on them damn crocodile tears) and won New Hampshire. Yet I was starting to feel Obama had something to offer and while the tide may be changing I am still thinking there might be something there but…

 Caught a few minutes of the debates last night and honestly while Obama got angry, I also thought he felt whiny. Yet I know for a fact that as a child of the working class; and a woman with Democratic ties that Hillary defiitely does not speak to me. The question though is can Obama pull it off? He is eloquent as hell yet a talk with my brother the other night revealed what I have been thinking, what exactly does this man stand for? As a former community organizer myself, I know the key to garnering support is eloquence but honestly this country is a mess, we need someone who not just a great speaker but someone who can lead this ship back on course. Truthfully while as a Black woman I want to support this brotha, truth is I am a tad ambivalent.

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  1. Shay, I found this note in my facebook feed — I’m so glad you’ve started your blog! I’ve been debating with my brother too about the politics. He (who is a conservative to the core but voting democratic this time) feels that the dems can’t win unless Obama is on the ticket either as Pres or VP, and that if Hillary is the candidate that the democrats, who should win easily, will lose. I’m still straddling like you and trying to convince myself which one to support since Edwards isn’t going to make it….

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