Christians are not a monolithic group

Excuse me for a minute, but I need to get something off of my chest that has bothered me for quite some time.  As someone who admits to being a work in progress and works daily to make sure that I am mindful of others, I wish that others would return the favor.

It’s no secret that I am a Christian, I don’t talk about it a great deal in this space or frankly with many people because in some ways I am a throwback to an era long past. Certain conversations are simply too contentious for general discussion: religion, politics and sex. They all make for great conversations and they are also a great way to end relationships. After all you folks don’t really need to know about my fully stocked dungeon.

I am not naïve or foolish, there have been many atrocities committed in the name of Jesus. There are plenty of despicable people running around yelling at the top of their lungs that they are Christians yet there is nothing loving or Christ like about these people. I am pretty sure Jesus himself would delight in smacking some of these fools misusing his name to hurt and oppress others. Some so-called Christian teachings are pretty far out, and even I question how exactly they came to be.

All that said though, Christians are not a monolithic group. There are Christians running around hating on other Christians. I am pretty sure that a Southern Baptist will never have a civil conversation on marriage equality with someone from a UCC background. The thing is there are Christians who see the Bible as one big metaphor for life and others who believe the literal translation of the Bible. There are Christians who love Jesus but don’t accept him as their Lord and Savior. There are Christians who are ride or die for Jesus. Christians are a diverse group of people…really we are.

Which means when someone decides that Christians should all be lumped together in one big box; it feels uncomfortable. A few nights ago on Twitter, I had an exchange where someone said they didn’t think Christians believed in the Old Testament. I was momentarily stunned, some of my favorite parts of the Bible are located in the Old Testament, specifically the Psalms and Proverbs.  

In a day and age where the suggested mission appears to be that we are striving towards greater inclusivity for all, it hurts that so many are quite comfortable bashing Christians.  It’s just not cool. In many ways when I think of my own faith, I am reminded of how stunned I was to learn that a gay friend was socially and politically conservative. Like many people, I had my own preconceptions and they were wrong. It was a learning moment for me.

Inclusivity and tolerance need to be two way streets for all, otherwise we will never end the cycle of hate and fear that has plagued this planet for too long.

PS: Excuse any typos, it’s that kind of day.

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