Credit crisis is real ya’ll

So a while back I wrote about our beat up car we got and how we need  to get rid of it. Only problem is since we are suffering from a smidge of constipation in our cash flow, it means I don’t have enough shekels on hand to buy a car in cash nor do I have enough for a large down payment.

Well back in the  good ole easy credit days, neither less than stellar credit or lack of ample downpayment kept one from getting a decent car, well kids… times have changed.

Yesterday had me speaking to a few car dealers, folks that specialize in getting folks with imperfect credit scores cars, figured I’d be coasting the new whip soon, seems that won’t be happening now.

First car dealer could hook me up with a car in a rent a car fashion where for $424 a month, Black-girl and Spousal Unit could rock out in a 7 year old minivan. Um…. Is you on dope or dog food? Hell, no will I pay that type of cash for a old car, that’s $424 a month for 75 months. Do the math, almost $8000 for a used ass not even cool car. No way man. Granted this loan shark had no problem with our credit score but damn that is highway robbery, mathematically I could get that same car for a fraction of the price if I had oh say 3-4K handy.

Spousal unit said, lets check out the next place. Well they were skittish and basically would have needed at least 2-3K down to buy a car 03-04 model car with damn near 100K miles already on that puppy. Also their terms were less than favorable.

So, guess we are going to plunk down the cash to fix the ole raggedy Nissan and pray she runs at least another 6 months so we can save up some cash. Its a shame because that car is small as hell and I am claustrophobic these days.

I share this sad tale of my car woes and bad credit to remind you that if you have good credit, you want to keep that shit good because you never know when you are going to need a large ticket item, like a car. If your credit is jacked like mine, then I suggest you work to clean that shit up like yesterday.

So it does indeed seem that the little man or in my case woman, in indeed feeling the impact of the credit crisis.