TV Nation…bigger is better

Once again I feel compelled to comment on American’s love of tv especially flat screen, plasma tv’s or whatever the heck they are called. I was just reading the Chicago Tribune online (gotta read my hometown paper) and was struck by how the day after Christmas many bargain hunters are looking for good prices on tv’s.

Damn, do folks not have televisions? Can I ask a stupid question, but what is the allure of one of these things? Look, when I do have my occasional tv veg-out moment, I am generally doing it in front of my 13 inch tv in my bedroom. Yes, its 13 inches, no bells or whistles, I do have a DVD player hooked up to it, and I have basic digital cable which I still debate whether or not we should get rid of at least once a week. After all the $60 a month I pay could be better used but my son is adamant that we must have cable and I admit at least once every few weeks now, I love a good Sunday evening of channel surfing.

However while I like an occasional veg out session, I really don’t get the attraction of a big tv. I am a movie buff, but I actually like the theatre experience especially that of old art house theatres which are a dying breed. I don’t know but I just can’t wrap my brain around why folks seems to lust after big tv’s….can someone help me figure it out.

I don’t know but it seems Americans in general have a love for all things big….seriously up until gas prices went crazy, most folks were driving around in big ass SUV’s, even folks living in large cities like Chicago. Now I will admit there is a time and place for a big vehicle, sometimes the spousal unit and I wish we had one for hauling shit. Problem is when I lived in Chicago, folks weren’t hauling shit but their asses through a drive thru in their big ass vehicles.

No, we like big meals too hence the super size it craze. When I have my rare taste for fast food, I often marvel at how they try to up-sell me to a jumbo soda and fry…no, I don’t care that is only an extra few cents. I neither need or want to drink 24 ounces of soda.

Look a good large meal is fine occasionally preferably on large holidays when splurging is ok, problem is most of us do it all the time and it shows. However I see the effects of too much tv on folks as well, folks rarely read, can’t point out shit on a map yet they can tell you who won Survivor. Our kids and us are all walking around in a collective daze while America disintegrates before our eyes, yet for many of us as long as we have the ole Plasma and 24 ounces of soda, we don’t care.

No bigger is not better most of the time.

But they had tv’s man…..

I gotta be honest, I am still trying to wrap my brain around how humans stomp another human to death all in the name of buying an inanimate object. Seriously, if we were talking food for survival or you were about to hurt me or mine, well it would be easy to understand. Look, I may have pacifist leanings but you fuck with me or mine and all bets are off. I am going to do you before you do me. Heck, only time in my life I ever considered owning a gun was when my ex-spousal unit was eating his daily dose of stupid pills and caught up in that if I can’t have you, no one else will. I swear he almost met his end but I digress.

No, last night I caught a clip of one of these silly savage motherfuckers who was in that Wal-Mart line (why the fuck was most of the folks in line Black or Brown?) and this fool was caught saying something to the effect of “Mayne, but they had the TVs on sale”. I nearly lost it when I heard that but to further show that Americans are in some collective trance of stupidity, I was reading today in the NY Times about a valet parking guy who was stating he doesn’t have much money (um…not to be a classist bitch, but I suspect if you are parking cars you are not what the young folks call a baller aka person with money) who was saying if the large flat screens get to $450 he was going to have to get one.

Well riddle me a silly broad but in these rough economic times where job stability is hard to fine, I cannot fathom scraping my shekels to buy a large TV, then again up until 3 years ago we had a 13 inch TV in the living room. The only reason its gone is that my father in law came for a visit and bought us a larger TV, see me personally TVs rank up there as non-critical items. Shit, I only got cable 11 years ago when I married the spousal unit and he feels that cable is an essential item, of course he is slowly coming over to my side. Last summer we canceled the movie channels and now we are down to basic digital cable which comes with more channels that are never watched. Point of this rant is that tv in general is not something I care about, shit I only just learned a couple weeks ago about TIVO. Needless to say that is not something we will ever have in this house.

No, I am concerned about the state of folks minds that they consider a large tv with bells and whistles to be so essential that you would tear the doors off a joint to catch a deal on one…. shit, that sounds like some crackhead behavior. Then again maybe tv is the average man’s crack, you come home and latch onto all sorts of shit being beamed into your mind to the point that common sense goes out the window, you become desensitized to real emotions. Hence you can have folks still walking into a store when there is a very dead man on the floor.

Perhaps Black Friday should be renamed lack of common sense day, since when you think about it, the idea that folks would be in a line on Thanksgiving Day at 5-6 pm, when it would seem folks would be home relaxing and getting ready for a second helping of good food, yet choosing to be in a line for hours to buy non-essential items really does speak volumes about us as a people.