Dreaming and planning…or how to live my dreams

It’s the 4th of July and I am hot as hell yet finding myself in an oddly reflective mood, the heat does all sorts of things to the mind! On the one hand, Maine is not nearly as hot as most of the US at the moment but it’s still a little warmer than average especially when you live in a state that wasn’t built for heat. My old house was built back when folks who looked like me were far from independent and it is great at retaining heat when you least want it too! Sadly it loses the heat in the winter when I really want to retain it…can’t win for losing.

Anyway earlier today I found myself catching up over at Mocha Momma’s blog and her Summer Checklist  post really spoke to me. It reminded me of some of the items I have jotted down late at night in my bedside journal when I am often doing the writing that keeps my spirit healthy. Yet too many times when the sun comes up and life happens, my deep desires often get brushed aside as I get caught up in the daily grind.

I am often guilty of putting aside my true desires because frankly I am a practical person, I wasn’t always a practical gal but somewhere along the line, I stopped trying to live my dreams because dreams don’t always mesh with reality. Yet as I told my son a few nights ago, I do still have dreams! Some are small, some large, some silly…point is they are mine and life is too short to not reach for them. So here is a list of the dreams/goals and desires I am comfortable sharing publicly (sorry, not all are for public consumption) in sharing them in this space, besides my putting myself on blast maybe it will help give me the kick in the ass I need.

Learn to ride a bike and actually get a bike (never learned)

Take swimming lessons and swim again (Have not gone swimming in years)

Have sex on the beach

Dance naked under a full moon

Watch the sunrise at the beach

Go to BlogHer 12 or New York City this summer (just bought a bus ticket for August 2-4 for NYC for $22 I felt the universe was sending me a message, still not sure of what my plan is)

Go home to Chicago

Find exercise I can fall in love with other than yoga (Zumba…maybe?)

Finish manuscript

Overcome driving phobia and drive

Eat outside more often

Play in the dirt often

Get rid of relationships that are toxic to me without guilt

Have sex for 30 consecutive days

Spend a weekend in northern Maine completely unplugged

Find new freelance clients that are not grant based

Anyway this is my short list of things I was planning on working on this summer and since it’s the 4th of July I figure I better get cracking. What about you? Do you have any summer dreams/goals? If so, are you making progress? If not join me in making sure this summer doesn’t pass us by without accomplishing some of what we want.