People confuse me or maybe I am getting old

People tease me about my constant discussion of getting old, my oldest and dearest friend in the universe is fond of telling me, we are not old. Yet like many folks, getting old doesn’t bother me and on some level I totally embrace it. See, for many of us getting old means not making the same foolish mistakes we made when we were young and dumb. I see it as obtaining a certain level of wisdom by the virtue of the fact that we have been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Which brings me to today’s post Thanksgiving rant. First up what the fuck is wrong with people? So a couple of wanna be reality stars thought it would be a groovy idea to crash President Obama’s first state dinner. Um….what is it about reality tv that makes folks lose their ever-loving minds? Now looking at the couple in question, they seem old enough to know right from wrong so clearly they missed the get wisdom as you get older bit. First we had balloon boy’s crazy parents and now this! Really, we need to pass some common sense drinks or joints out to folks, cuz some ideas are really bad and never need to leave the privacy of your thoughts.

Which brings me to the next point, what the fuck is up with the Secret Service ? Yeah, I heard…the O- man and his peeps were never in any danger. Um, considering that Obama gets ways more threats than any other president including his predecessor, might we want to take the security of the first Black President very seriously. The fact that this couple of wanna be reality stars were able to roll up to the party and even take pictures with ole crazy Joe Biden is scary.

Hello!!!! The enemies might be thinking right now, hey let’s look for some idiots we can promise a reality show with if they can do XYZ. I know that sounds crazy but look, Al Qaeda doesn’t need to go far to recruit they can just look for the next dumb ass America who wants fame and fortune. Shit, look what Richard Heene and his wife did, I am sure if they had realized how quickly they  were going to be found out, poor Falcon might have really been in that balloon.  By the way, if you do crash a party at the White House and are successful, maybe putting the pictures up on Facebook is a bad idea. since if I understand correctly this couple was found out after they posted pics on Facebook.

Nah…people are stupid and they confuse me.

Next up, the lure of Black Friday shopping. When I was a kid, I don’t recall anyone getting up at midnight or 2 am to go shopping after  Thanksgiving. Call me crazy but it’s 9 am and my ass it still stuffed and the idea of going some place after eating a feast is something I have a hard time grasping. An old childhood friend mentioned she was going to be up at 4:30 am to shop today. I wished her good luck. Only way I could imagine getting up that early is if I were getting paid to shop, even then I might say no.

So if one of my readers can share with me what makes shopping today so great, I would love to know why so that I can expand my brain and attempt to be a tad less judgemental. As for me, I am doing some cooking and going to view some pretty trees this evening.

As you can see, I survived yet another holiday with minimal tears and down moments. Have a great weekend!

Liar liar pants on fire

You know we are in a sorry state when the highest aspirations a couple has is to become reality tv stars….what’s even worse is when a couple will look for any means necessary to accomplish that goal. Yep, I wanted to not even talk about those folks but really its just too good to ignore. Yes, I am talking about balloon boy and his family or more specifically Richard and Mayumi Heene, the parents of poor little Falcon, the child who did not fly away.

Look, like I told someone Stevie Wonder could see from the get go that this was a bullshit ass story. When it comes to science and shit, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but as I looked at that jiffy pop looking concoction, I couldn’t see anyway that a child could have been in there. Secondly had my kid flown off in a big ass balloon, calling the news media would not have been high on my list of things to do. Call me crazy but 911 would have been my first call.

Well as we all know, the powers to be are saying it looks like the Heene’s planned this story in hopes of seeking fame and fortune and maybe even their own reality show. Though it looks like if they get away without sitting in some jail cells for a bit they ought to be real happy.

As a parent I must say what bugs me about this story is that they clearly are teaching their kids to lie, after all poor little Falcon blurted it out on live tv “we did it for the show”. I have to say this caused me to laugh since if you have ever spent anytime around small kids, they are real good at blurting shit out. Yet most of us strive to teach our kids to tell the truth, not lies. I mean think about it, what kind of parent brings their kids into a harebrained scheme such as this? One’s with issues, I tell you.

Unforunately for the Heene’s, their son seems to have a conscience and could not lie, literally…it made him sick to his stomach. I saw that poor child on tv puking and his Dad, was just an ice cold prick. I have to be honest, if I had been in the room with Dad, he would have gotten slapped, plain and simple. What he did to his kids was abusive, no question about it.

There is nothing wrong with aspirations and while I started this off putting down reality star wannabe’s, really there is no issue if that is what you really want to do. Yet when your desire for such things crosses over to lying and scheming and involving innocent kids, well that is wrong. So to Richard I say liar, liar pants on fire. May the po-po throw the book at you and may you end up paying a healthy fine as well as sitting in a cell for a while thinking about why teaching your kid to lie is really a bad idea.

Perhaps, Mayumi can get off and maybe take her kids away while Richard is cooling his heels in the clink and think about whether it’s a good idea to stay married to a man who would harm a child in such a way.

Parenting is already hard work without looking to intentionally corrupt our kids.