Good and busy

This is one of those weeks where I am living life at about 90 miles per hour but in many ways, its all good. In my mind I want to sit down and write a meaningful post but the truth is I just don’t have the energy, in light of the death of public enemy #1 there is so much one could say but I think I will leave that for others.

Instead I will leave you with a few shots from our weekend, where we celebrated May Day and relaxed.

After dancing around the Maypole and celebrating the spirit of the day, we were hungry so what better things to eat.

Oh and a trip to the candy store!

PS: The Spring Campaign of Support for this blog is wrapping up in a few days, I know times are hard and your choices of good blogs are many, but I would greatly appreciate it if you consider supporting this blog with a financial contribution. I am now hosting the site myself which does cost money and would love to have a better designed site but without reader support my plans to gussy the place up will have to wait. So I don’t want to hit ya with the sob story but just one (okay maybe 1-2) reminder to consider making a donation.

Its May 1

It’s Friday which means the end of the week though it looks like our gorgeous weather we have been enjoying up here in my corner of the world is tired of playing and instead it will be gray skies and rain for a little while. No problem since really, 90 degree temps in Maine is pretty unheard of this time of year and actually a tad scary. I generally like the fact that it does not get blistering hot here. Despite the stereotypes about Black folks, I lean towards having a preference for cooler weather and actually get downright grouchy when its hot. Though one day of extreme warmth wasn’t too bad.

In addition to being Friday, its May 1 which in case you didn’t know is May Day, International Workers Day as well as Beltane which is the festival of fertility for Wiccans and Pagans. I’m neither Wiccan or Pagan but I do find the celebrations and festivities related to Beltane  very much a great reminder of spring and just how alive I feel in spring.

As a self-professed member of the working class, the rights of workers is very much on my mind today as we see the little man being shat upon by the big boys. Anyway just a nonsensical musing today, I don’t feel like a deep post. Too much going on in both my personal world and the world at large (by the way the pigs must have organized and expressed that they did not like being maligned in such a horrid fashion, so instead of swine flu we now have influenza A…definitely less ominous).

So have a happy Friday and a good weekend and remember wash those hands!