Giving thanks

To say this has been a rough week would be an understatement. I have been going crazy with the new job and then yesterday a client decided to tell me that they can’t pay their most recent invoice which is roughly equal to my monthly mortgage plus my estimated expenses for the holiday this year. I’m going to keep it real here and say that it took everything to not go into stereotypical Black woman mode and start snapping and losing it when my client told me but thankfully I kept it together.

That said, I came home and was in a real funk about my finances, and life in general. However as I was baking pies today and getting ready for the holidays, it hit me that I have much to give thanks for. Yeah, it sucks to lose a chunk of money, on the other hand my boy is home, this chile is at least 6’3 maybe even 6’4. He is really towering over his lil Mama. Mini-me is doing great despite the fact she is driving us crazy asking about John McCain, she wants to know what happened to him. Gotta love kids.

No, my kids are all good, my marriage is sound, truthfully we are having some issues but nothing that we can’t work out. Everyone is healthy and we have our needs met, so all in all what more can I ask for?  Yeah, a new car would be nice as well as a shopping trip and spa visit but those are not necessities.

So on this Thanksgiving Eve when so many don’t even have their basic needs met, I feel blessed and feel the need to reflect on my bounty because I know really it could always be worse. My current line of work combined with years of working with the homeless in Chicago reminds me of how bad things can be.

 So I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and ask what are you most thankful for this holiday?