Just a random stream of babble

I am on vacation, of course being short of cash my vacation involves sitting in my house though I may spend a few days in western Maine chilling with friends..So now that I am on vacation and still have a few days of childcare before girl child leaves daycare (by the way she is officially mad about this) it means I have time to let my mind wander which brings me to the point of today’s post.

Like many others I enjoy using Facebook, one might say I like it too much, shit I check Facebook from my Blackberry since I like to stay connected (I am working on pulling the plug) anyway I have noticed a disturbing trend, folks get really mad on Facebook. I may have mentioned it before (see I am getting old, can’t even remember what I wrote!) someone posts a seemingly innocent comment or link to a news story, well as you know it shows up in your friends feed, and humans being what they are, they respond. Are you still with me? Well some folks get mad because their “friends” post replies that bug them or their friends post updates that annoy them or even trouble them. I have recently seen shared “friends” engage in serious arguments/debates on Facebook, one woman I know has taken to proselytizing to another “friend” who is a devout pagan. Um…what the fuck is wrong with you people?

Look, the only reason I like Facebook as much as I do is it makes it easier to stay in touch with folks, I can upload pictures instead of sending a ton of emails or getting on the phone. Granted I do like getting on the phone but its not always easy, shit, I am mad that one of my two best friends is a Facebook holdout, he refuses to join, says its not his thing. People complain when their parents join and crimp their style…I wish my Papa would join, that way he could get regular pics of the family since he is such a Luddite that he doesn’t even own a computer and only uses one at work.

Anyway back to my rant or maybe its not a rant but an observation of someone who is starting to recognize that they are getting older, but life is too short to get pissed that a “friend” has political views that are not the same as mine. Unless this friend is a member of Steven Anderson’s church in Tempe, AZ which in that case there would be such a gulf I really might find it hard to stay calm but even then I believe in respecting folks and their differences. I got a few real life buddies who lately have taken to sending me right wing propaganda via email, I don’t get mad I hit delete. Occasionally I make a status update on Facebook that lets those folks know I got their emails but that I don’t agree and I leave it at that…but to start actual arguments over what we say on something like facebook is ridiculous.

It reminds me of the video I have seen a few times about how to not let facebook ruin your relationships, its the video with the predominantly Black cast and a woman yelling you been poking her all day and the guy whining about how his lady love doesn’t post on his wall.

Technology should enhance our lives and the moment it stops doing that is a point at which we should reevaluate our relationship…as for me, I am going to enjoy this last blast of summer here in Maine. So catch ya in a few days.

Maybe you should keep that to yourself

I am hardly a secretive person, after all I blog and at times I share things that even my best friend thinks is too much. I like Facebook and Twitter as much as the next person but I have noticed that more and more of the folks I know have a tendency to um…perhaps over share at times. Now before any of you in my real life who read this think that I am talking about you, let me state that I am not talking about any of my good friends. No, I am actually talking about folks I really don’t know well at all who use social media as a tool for letting it all hang out.

Look, I know how when you are having a rough moment it feels good to share on say Facebook, after all if you have a half-way decent friends list you may get instant replies and it feels good. But have you thought about what you are putting out there about yourself and how it could come back to haunt you? Let’s face it some companies actually do Google searches on perspective employees and I have heard of some that actually want to see your Facebook and Twitter pages. Now I will admit its a huge invasion of one’s privacy but sadly its the world we live in.

I will also say that whatever I put out in cyber space be it on this blog, Facebook, Twitter or a discussion board, I always think how would I feel if my Dad, pastor or boss were reading this? I actually have 2 of my board members as friends on Facebook and since they are essentially my bosses you can best believe I am always mindful of what I write.

So I write this quick post to say be mindful of what you put out there, because you never know who may see it and the impression it leaves. Truthfully I know some folks who based off what they post thanks to social media, I am not sure I want to know them. Yet by the same token I have met some really cool folks from online venues, a few who have become really dear friends.

So if you wouldn’t want your Mama, boss or anyone whose opinion might matter to see what you are writing maybe an old fashioned diary under the bed is a better idea.