Black folks and our spiritual journey…where are our stories?

Those closest to me know that for the past several years I have been on a bit of a spiritual journey, it started back in late 2007 when I started considering the idea of going to seminary. I had been recently laid off from my teaching job and was contemplating my next steps in life, as a Christian I had always been lead to service at the ground level. Having worked in shelters, and with folks struggling with the very basics in life the call to service for me runs deep.

However as the mother of a young child who had recently completed a graduate program earning my M.Ed I was deeply concerned about whether or not I realistically had the time and energy needed to commit to seminary. After all, my 2 year masters program had stretched to 3.5 half years with the death of my Mom and the birth of my daughter, so in the end I decided to table the idea of seminary for a few years especially when in 2008 I was offered a job leading a faith based social service agency.

At that time, I felt so sure of the “calling” to seminary I decided to embark upon a journey of reading as much as I could on matters of Christianity, spirituality, faith….you get the picture. Little did I know how much that decision would change the course of many things in my life…truths I believed well I grapple with them now and things I never considered more than fairy tales actually make sense. Add in the very real changes that begin to happen to women as we hit our late 30’s and beyond, one might say I am in a place of transition when it comes to my spiritual life.

In this process I have read many wonderful works by women who have also struggled with their faith especially women who always considered themselves Christian. Yet in reading many of these works there is one voice I am not hearing much of and that is the voice of Black women. Which made me wonder, what do Black women not struggle with faith? If so where are our stories? So I am putting out a call to hear from Black women who have struggled with faith, I would especially love to hear from Black women who chose a so called alternative spiritual path…I want the why, the what, the how. You get the picture.

The idea is to create a comprehensive piece, one for this blog so if some younger sista is struggling she will know she is not alone but also I am looking to create a piece for publication perhaps. I rarely write on spec but for some reason I feel this is a story that needs to be told, but right now I need you. So spread the word. You can comment on the blog, drop me a email at or holla at me on twitter (no e) Hope to hear from you!