Broke? Its the new trend

This morning as I do every morning, I woke up listening to NPR’s Marketplace. They had a guy talking about his financial life, seems 6-7 years ago, this chap was living the good life in Manhattan, earning six figures in the tech industry and basically no financial woes. Now this fellow lives in the Catskills, earns barely enough to get by, has no health insurance but in some ways is happier than he’s ever been. It appears he calls his new and some might say not improved lifestyle, living a sustainable life.

See, he gardens, composts, and is a vegetarian. I must admit I had a good chuckle while listening to this piece. Shit, it was only about 8 years ago that the spousal unit and I were in Chicago earning good money ourselves, with full coverage insurance and pretty much no financial woes. Only thing is as my life style has taken a detour, I am not calling it living a sustainable life but living a financially insecure life or as my folks used to say…I’s broke.

I love how folks like to dress shit up especially white folks, see as a working class Black woman, being broke is the way I was raised, we didn’t need fancy words to accept our condition. Yet it seems some folks do, heck today I was at the kids consignment shop and ran into a woman I know who isn’t the kind of person I would expect to see there. However times is tough so we are all looking for bargain, she looked a tad embarrassed to see me, as if I would judge her for buying her kids used shit. I see a lot of that same behavior at the local Goodwill which now on Saturdays is packed full of folks who are more used to dropping off at the Goodwill rather than shopping there.

Folks, its all good, you are not alone. Truth is many of are broke as shit these days, hell I just got off the phone with my daughter’s doctor who confessed he doesn’t have health insurance and is running tight these days. Damn, you know we are fucked when the doctor doesn’t even have health insurance. At least he can treat his own kid unlike us average folks who need his services. Of course as more of us are without insurance we can’t afford to see the doctor.

Nope, I am convinced that this season’s new fad is brokeness, all the hip and not so hip kids are participating. Yeah, you may say you are living a sustainable life but some of ya’ll are just faking the funk…as for me, I am embracing the moment.