Where are you?

Look, I know it summer time and if you are like me you are trying to enjoy these final weeks of summer before cold weather sets in…but where are you? I just realized that in the past few weeks my numbers are dropping off. Have I become that boring? Granted I don’t blog for others, heck I just like having a space to write but its also nice to know that someone is reading me.  Guess all bloggers like to know they are being read otherwise we would set our blogs to private and not share our thoughts.

What’s up readers? Are you out enjoying the good weather or have I finally managed to bore you to tears and you had to take me out of your daily rotation?

6 thoughts on “Where are you?”

  1. I have neglected my entire blogroll 🙂 warm weather doesn’t last too long around here and, unlike you, I love the heat.

  2. I’m here too, reading. I mostly read on my phone. Trying to figure out this adjustment to doing most of my internet stuff on the phone. It makes me lean towards lurking or commenting in 140 characters or less. Sorry ’bout that!

  3. i haven’t left BGIM. i’ve been cyber-fasting though because blog-rolling can get a little out of hand, and reduce my levels of productivity while at work.

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