Thirty six years ago….

Thirty six years ago today, my parents took a long bus ride to the justice of the peace in downtown Chicago to get married. When they took that ride, they rode alone as my Mom’s folks were disgusted that she was marrying the son of sharecroppers, my grandparents were solidly middle class and well my Pops did not fit the image of what they thought my Mom should be marrying.

See, my Mom was pregnant with me infact I was due in a matter of weeks, to say that no one thought their marriage would last was an understatement. My Mom was raised with creature comforts, the expectation is that she would have gone to college and married at the same level socio-economically or higher; my Dad was one of 16 in a family where no one even celebrated birthdays because there were simply too many kids.

Well that marriage did last, it lasted until my Mom left this earth almost 5 years ago, they clocked in 31 years before she checked out early. Was it always good times? Hell no but they loved each other and they understood their vows and honored them.

Though its been almost 5 years since my Mom passed away, my Dad still refers to himself as married and has had no other woman, as he tells me he is waiting to be reunited with my Mom. I must admit at times its breaks my heart knowing that my Mom would want him to live his life but he is a stoic man so I accept his choice.

Anyway Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, thank you for hanging in there and showing me what a marriage looks like. Its a lot of work but the rewards last a lifetime and beyond.