The return of the blahs

There a few things that I can always depend on as long as I live…I am going to be Black until I die (unless I get some of Sammy Sosa’s skin rejuvenation treatments), that I will owe the IRS money and that come holiday season I can expect to get hit with a dose of the blahs.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with the holiday season. Growing up with eccentric hippy like parents who thought poverty was noble, they pretty much did everything to ensure that my only sibling and I would become huge consumers by being very anti-consumption themselves. I have joked over the time I have blogged that one thing you could count on with my folks is that if you asked for a specific item, you could  expect not to get it.

Both the former Spousal Unit and the current Spousal Unit have gone out of their ways to make holidays a brighter event for me. Despite the issues I had with the ex, I will say he and his family really helped me to not see holidays as weeks of torture but as  a joyous occasion. The current Spousal Unit took it even further, truly getting me to learn to like the holidays.

Well in 2003 that all came to a crashing halt when Momma Bear, my beloved Mama was battling cancer and while she was still assumed to be recovering from chemo and radiation, Thanksgiving of 2003 it appeared we had so much to be thankful for as we all and that included her physicians thought she was good to go. Ha, ha, ha, fate intervened and on Christmas Day we got the shock of our lives…that bastard cancer had spread to her brain and it was downhill.

All this to say, holidays leave me now with a permanent sense of dread, if I could fast forward to New Years Day I would but with kids and my work I have everyone and their Mama reminding me of the holidays. Go to the office and I have folks driving me mad with holiday issues, go home and the kidlet is geeked up about Christmas…it’s enough to make a gal want to curl into fetal ball and pull the covers over her head.

However despite the blahs that seem to be making me a rather unpleasant person to be around, I am thankful for dear local friends who invite us over for Thanksgiving. Last year they invited us and it was truly the best turkey day I have had in years, we have also been invited over again this year and are looking forward to another great holiday with them.

I had been holding out hope for a family reunion this Thanksgiving but neither of the last two members of my family of origin were able to fly up here which I suspect is another reason for the current blahs.

Anyhoo, I suspect I will be light in posting this week as I attempt to be among the living since despite my desires to hide under the bed , it seems no one will give me enough privacy to make that happen. Instead I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and advise you to be careful if Black Friday shopping is your thing. I would hate to end up writing about you…let’s just hope no one gets stomped to death this week.

4 thoughts on “The return of the blahs”

  1. They will soon be over, hopefully. Everything is going so fast lately.

    I get hit with the blahs too…and the holidays are simply a lot of work for me too. I’m always relieved when they’re over.

  2. Thanksgiving is different this year for us but I’m trying to get into the spirit–we’ve changed our tradition of getting together with friends, who, well, aren’t so much friends, anymore, so that’s sad. The last time I saw my mother alive was 6 years ago–at Thanksgiving, a holiday she loved so. I will always remember her this time of year, too.

    If Sat is too much for you, Shay, I understand. It may be just the thing, too, you never know. ; P

  3. Blah blah blah lol happy thanksgiving! Black Friday is not my thing because my bank acct tends to live in the red 🙂

  4. “I would hate to end up writing about you…let’s just hope no one gets stomped to death this week.”

    Well, this post ended on a funny note, so I’m glad you still have your humor.

    Hope T-day is good for you and the fam.

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