The new digs….

Greetings! As you can see we have a new look here at Black Girl in Maine. I have officially moved into my new space here on the interwebz. I am still working on putting it all together since I am quickly learning that the downside of no longer using a free WordPress account is that I need to get more tech savvy. I was pretty spoiled with just being able to write a post and hit the publish button. I also have to work a wee harder at finding themes and all that good stuff and whatnot.

So bear with me as I get myself back up to full functionality but in the meantime for those who have me on their blogrolls or who subscribe you may need to adjust to the new url which is My account is set to redirect but it seems that is not quite as functional as I thought it would be, so give me some time.

By the way I would love to hear your thoughts on the new look and any suggestions you may have….

4 thoughts on “The new digs….”

  1. Looks fancy in here! Definitely like the wallpaper here than before, easier on the eyes. Congrats 🙂

  2. Daughter is interested in starting a blog..recommendations for info on startup or do you know a consultant?

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