The Fall Blahs

I’m still around but between a hectic work week ,a nasty bug and now a sick kiddo, I seem to have a case of the blahs. Though in some ways one of my favorite Maine bloggers On Bradstreet does a great job in this post of summing up much of what I am feeling. Frankly I think even before the election I was headed towards the mid fall crash but after the election I just wanted to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head.I am trying not to overreact to the reddening of Maine but running an agency that deals in assisting with basic human needs and seeing that this is already going to be a rough winter for folks in need. (Our county agency that offers emergency help for things like lights, rent. etc is out of money and they don’t know if there will be any money coming to aid people in need) I fear that the tough times for the most vulnerable are about to get a lot tougher but that’s another post.

Anyway just stopping by on a crisp Sunday morning to say I am still around, ideas for future blog posts are swimming in my head but I just haven’t been able to pen my thoughts. So here’s wishing you a great week and hopefully once the kidlet starts feeling better I will feel more up to writing. Right now I am just trying to get her well and avoid getting sick again myself.

Love, peace and hair grease!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the linky love, lady (ooo, alliteration)!
    I know how you feel, though I don’t really feel the seasonal blahs as much as the political/extended family blahs. I know the changes must have you worried, given your work. : < So sad for Maine.

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