Tension in the Barnyard

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to let you know I am in the midst of a life transition and my posting my be sparse for a few weeks. Obviously if the frustration of our brothers and sisters in Egypt spread to the US, I might feel compelled to post. Though if that happened I would probably have no interwebz to post on…

Anyway my father has arrived in Maine and is currently staying at my house, to say its awkward and tense is an understatement so I am working furiously to get him settled…in his own place.  Tension in the barnyard is the best way to describe the situation, however if you need a dose of your favorite Black Girl in Maine, please follow me on twitter where I rant daily.

PS: After having dinner with a couple readers of this blog who happened to be Black Girls in Maine themselves I feel like I need to change the blog title…one of three Black Girls in Maine. ha ha-ha

2 thoughts on “Tension in the Barnyard”

    • How about a blog with three black women (one of whom would have to be biracial and/or a child), and call it “Two and a half Black women in Maine”

      …not sure who would be the “Charlie Sheen” in such a scenario, though…

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