On the grind

Just a heads up to my regular readers, I may be MIA for a second, just when I am still learning the ropes at my new job, all hell has broken loose. For reasons of confidentiality and the fact that several folks I know in real life read me, I won’t post the details (small town living is a funny thing that way) but I will say the new gig is taxing a sista.

I am also reminded of why I only have two kids who are almost 14 years apart since if I had kids closer together, I would be a candidate for the nut farm and that’s a fact.

Anyway I have to put out fires plus there is holiday preparations since elder boy will be home from his Papi’s house in a few days. So a sista will be getting her cook on, turkey and all the fixings. Yummy.

I hope to post in a few days but if not don’t worry I will be back soon.

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