Off to the city and to see a son graduate

Black Girl in Maine is coming out of her cave to hit the big city! Seriously, all jokes aside my son graduates from high school this Saturday in Wisconsin and since his location is mere minutes away from the Illinois border, I will be doing a quick stop in my hometown of Chicago.

It’s been six years since I have been home and as the time passes I miss it less and less. But it is the city of my birth, I did spend damn near 30 years there and hey the best pizza in the world is there.  Oh and yeah what’s left of my family of origin also is there, so not only will I see my boy graduate I will visit with family members.

Speaking of the son, a few folks have asked what happened as far as his college plans. Well after his first round of applications netted 3 no’s and 1 waitlist, we did a second round of applications and hit the jackpot. He was accepted to St. Norbert’s College in Wisconsin, a small Catholic liberal arts school that not only accepted him but gave him a generous scholarship (and it wasn’t even for being a half a Negro). So while we were looking forward to him coming back to the east coast for college, as anyone with a college bound kid knows, generally you go with the school that comes up off the most shekels. Since at this stage in my life being a pole dancer probably is not the greatest option for funding his college education and bank robbers never net much money!

All jokes aside, I am proud as hell of my son. Anyone raising a young man of color understands the challenges inherent in that task. So this evening I say to my son (who reads my blog) I am proud as hell of you, I say even to my ex spouse thanks for riding the boy to keep him in line.  In this case it truly took a village to raise my son and I am thankful for that village.

I will catch ya’ll on the flip side and might even break my own policy of not posting pics of my family when I return.  Ciao for now.

9 thoughts on “Off to the city and to see a son graduate”

  1. I’m trying to keep up with my fitness because frankly, pole dancing may be on the table, what with four kids and all.

    Enjoying your blog, and congratulations to you and your son!

  2. @BGIM, get the gyro to go if necessary – there’s always somewhere to get one quick.

    @Danielle, Maxwell’s for a polish or Chicago dog.

  3. I’ll be going to Chi at the end of the month so I will hit up Lou’s while I’m there. Any more places to go?

  4. Denisha, I already got plans to hit up Lou Malnati’s on Sunday. Hoping I can get a gyros while I am home but Lou’s will probably have me stuffed.

  5. Yay! Good for your son. College is awesome. Have in fun in the Midwest. And New York has the best pizza. I just thought I’d put that out there. 😉

  6. CONGRATULATIONS to your son and you super Mom. My son graduated in 2001 and it was the best day for him and myself.

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