Kinda over Facebook

I have written often about my addiction to all things net related including spending too much time reading blogs and wasting time on Facebook. Well thanks to the girl child being home more often and my work life going full tilt as I do the money dance all non-profit executives are doing these days. I have had less time to spend online, yet when I do now get online aside from checking into a few of my favorite blogs, I find myself growing bored when I am online. Specifically the great love affair with Facebook is officially over.

Maybe it’s me but I seem to know a lot of folks who like to play Mafia Wars…don’t get me wrong it’s a great time waster but recently every time I log on, my newsfeed is filled with what folks are doing on Mafia Wars. To each how own… No the biggest issue is realizing that most of those folks I was so happy to connect with, well there is a reason they were in my past. Seems I know a high percentage of folks who are just out-and-out nutty. To the point I cringe when I get notification that certain folks have replied to one of my links or status updates. At this point there are about 3 folks I am genuinely happy to have reconnected with but otherwise most are people I would be happy to never know again.

Then again maybe its just a sign that Facebook as a fad is on its way out as more and more folks realize after a while there is only so much catching up you can do with someone you haven’t seen in damn near 20 years.

So what about you? Are you still a die hard Facebook person or are you over it?

8 thoughts on “Kinda over Facebook”

  1. I could click on the FB icon *right now* on my blackberry and download same…but I won’t. As tempted as I am to catch up with my former classmates (one of whom, it turns out, got married last month) this way, they can call me outright since it seems many of them still live here in Chicago. That, and the site’s privacy policy/ies aren’t very reassuring. I’m not that social or that interesting at the moment, either. In short, meh.

  2. I LOVE FB. That said, I don’t get Mafia Wars or Sorority Life (I am in a Sorority, I don’t need to play one on FB), but my thing is, they can choose to not publicize those feeds! I used to do another game on FB and would delete those feeds quick, because I was embarrassed for wasting time like that! They should be too! Anyway, I need to reexamine what I have on FB and use it as the social networking tool it is. My fling from HS doesn’t have to see pics of my locs or my train trip with my kid; I like the visualness of FB, but I should probably be more of a Twitter user, if anything.

  3. None of my friends play games, thank goodness. I think of facebook as a place for me to bookmark things I want to read or have read and found compelling and to share pictures. Otherwise, I will comment here and there and that’s that. I really do like the group email function there though and I have used it to have some great discussion with other friends who are also colleagues. I don’t do status updates on facebook so twitter is totally beyond my comprehension.

  4. I’m kinda over it too….It doesn’t help that all I see it that damned Mafia Wars that everyone like to play. Its so annoying…I really need to pair down who I read on there.

  5. Yeah I’m trying to make you spend money but in good, more satisfying way. The prices I think are reasonable. I’m actually going to have dinner there this Saturday to celebrate my divorce. I’m having the Feed me Justin. And yup I’m the pastry chef. I have total control of the dessert menu. I love it. I’m changing the chocolate cake out to a different kind and the lemon cake next week and the creme flavor. It’s time for fall.

  6. Danielle, girl you trying to make me spend money? LOL Wow! That place sounds amazing, the type of stuff the Spousal Unit and I used to get into back when we lived in civilization.

    That menu had me salivating…are you a pastry chef? Dessert time must really be fun at your house. We have an anniversary coming up in a couple of months, I may have to make a trek to the L/A area.

  7. I’m too freaking lazy to keep up will all of that. My family has the Geni family website and post pics on that. And that’s good enough. I read a couple of blogs ans search for dessert recipes. And Shay you and the bred man need to hit I-95 and come to the restaurant I work at It’s really nice. Not at all what I expected in the L/A area.

  8. I never really got with the whole Facebook thing. I’m so harried with the two kids most of the time, I don’t have time to log on and really get an understanding of what’s going on there. I post pictures from time to time mainly for my family overseas but aside from that, I hardly go on Facebook. It’s annoying when folks who barely spoke to me in high school friend me. And I really don’t get all the little games and widget like things . . . I don’t have time and I wonder where other folks find the time. I guess with Blackberries and stuff it’s much easier to keep up with things like Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have that so I basically can get on when I’m at the computer and it’s really only little snatches of time I get on here so I’d rather read blogs, research things, etc. So yeah, I was over it before I really got into it which is good.

    Feels so good to get over an addiction, doesn’t it? LoL!!

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