It’s hawt!

Its one of those days where I really wish I had something deep or witty to say but the truth is it’s too fucking hot! Maine is a place that generally doesn’t see 90 degree temps too often and we damn sure don’t see them for several days in a row. Unfortunately this heat wave that is touching the northeast decided to share the love with Maine and as a result it feels like I am back in Chicago, high temps and high humidity makes for one grumpy chica.

The last report I heard is that relief won’t be headed this way until the weekend, um…thanks its Monday dude! So I think its safe to say that as long as it feels like a test tank for hell, I may not be blogging since frankly its too damn hot to think (and they say all Black folks love heat, not this here darkie).

So if you are in an area affected by this crazy heat wave, stay cool and safe and I’ll see ya as soon as it cools off.  Now let me go get another slurpee to cool off.

2 thoughts on “It’s hawt!”

  1. I second that. I can’t stand the heat and humidity we get here in Maryland. I prefer temps in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m waiting for fall to get here.

  2. well, i know it’s hot, but it could be worse…

    i just spent five days in NYC, where temps were 90-plus; humidity felt like back in Illinois (100 percent, anyone?) and not a whisper of a breeze. at least it’s a tad dryer here, there’s usually a breeze somewhere, and it always cools down at night.

    i’m glad i spent those days in the hot apple, though, cuz maine feels not so awful today.

    but i’m with you on the do-as-little-as-possible mode of operation; breathing in and out is enough for now.

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