Giving thanks

Last night it was a raw rainy night up here in my corner of the world. The kind of night that begs you to look at the simple blessings it’s so easy to take for granted. Things like shelter, heat, a warm cozy bed and someone to snuggle with in that warm cozy bed. How many of us don’t even see those things as blessings? Yet for too many people in this world, they don’t have access to  the essentials of life yet in a country like the US, its easy to get mad and feel sad because we don’t have XY and Z. Nevermind that those extras are not necessary, like small kids we want what we want when we want it!

So on this wet chilly Thursday, I invite you to share what you are feeling thankful about today. Right at this moment, I am thankful that today looks like a day I can work from home as we are expecting high winds on the coast and the rain is planning to stay all day. So not having to leave the house is definitely a plus on a day like today. I am thankful that my back pain is not as bad as it has been and thankful I have an upcoming appointment with an osteopathic physician who does manipulation. Very thankful for a fridge full of food, I am thinking some sautéed veggies and brown rice is in our future today.

 What is it that is  making you feel happy and blessed?

5 thoughts on “Giving thanks”

  1. I am thankful for heat, hot water, a fridge full of food.
    A mother who can sew a jacket for me so I will look presentable in the pulpit of another church tomorrow.
    Friends who make me laugh.
    A car that will take me through the snow.
    The quiet of yesterday’s snowfall.
    Gentle reminders of God’s grace on this journey.
    The confidence people have in me.
    My twin nieces. They have changed my life.

    There is plenty more, but I’ll stop there.

  2. I am thankful for the wonderful place inside me today, where I am is a good place, not stressing in this stressful world. Thankful for making the choice to be happy, and doing just that. I am a African American female who heart was made for comfort, with a fullness of love. I love, therefore I am loved. I live in this back wards society Where far too much there is a lack of natural affection, a lack of love for ones fellow man. I have to work at the choice I have made to be happy, for it is not easy. the work part of love makes life happy and healthier, and the work out is great for your heart condition and your waist line. 1 John 4:8

    Evelyn Murray

  3. This is a good post and I appreciate the time you give me to say what I am thankful for.
    (1) I am thankful for my career that God has placed for me and the many blessings that have occurred during my career.
    (2) I am thankful for my writing skills, artistic talent, and the ambition I have in going after things.
    (3) I am thankful for my wife, labellanoire, who inspired me to write sometime ago.
    (4) I have too many more, but this is the top three I could think of at the moment.


  4. I am thankful for my boys esp when they get excited about little things I forget about or ignore (mounds of snow & the 1/4 crescent moon at night). Thankful for my job with its steady income. I’m thankful for my freezer full of meat which means I don’t have to grocery shop as often. I am thankful for my wonderful crockpot. I am thankful for my real life friends who don’t live in Chicago but we keep in contact & make trips when the snow isn’t an issue. I am thankful for my lil apt with heat, lights, a TV, and furniture. I am happy to be rich in all my modest ways and I am blessed to feel humble still 🙂

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