Girls and our shoes

Gotta take a break from the political happenings before I blow my stack. Back in the day, I used to be shoe-a-holic, seriously when the spousal unit and I met I had damn near a hundred pairs of shoes. Heels, flats, boots, all kinds of shoes for any kind of occasion. However as the years have gone on and I have dropped my old shopping habits, I have also downsized my shoe collection, granted moving to Maine from Chicago really helped things along since when one is moving 1100 miles, taking everything you own is not cheap.

That said, I still love shoes right now I probably have in my possession a mere 30 pairs of shoes and boots but being in Mommy mode these days I will admit I only rock a select few pairs on a regular basis. Since the heels are just no fun when hauling another human and the mister and I don’t get too many nights out for Mama to bring out the serious heels, plus living in a town of sixteen thousand, not many folks here can even appreciate a good pair of footwear. Mainers are many things but most are not fashionistas, when we first landed here 6 years ago, there were a lot of folks dressed in styles I swore I wore back in high school in joke.

However a few days ago my inner shoe junkie came out when I was at one of those discount places, it was either TJ Maxx or Marshalls and the deals on the clearing racks were amazing. So amazing that me with a size 9-9.5 foot bought a pair of kicks that were a size 8.5. Um, problem is I have not truly fit a size 8.5 since the birth of my son almost 17 years ago, but the kicks were so cool, so funky,  that I said fuck it.

Um…. how come I put them on today and my toes started talking back to me, telling a sista, please don’t do this silly shit again, you are too old. Yet I rocked the funky flats all day and now the feet are talking but the question is will I listen? See us girls do some crazy things in the name of fashion and now that I am back to my true size after losing almost 50 pounds, the inner rumblings of my fashionista self are looking to come out of hibernation.

Shoes, its a powerful addiction. The right shoe can make any outfit fly.. so am I the only shoe-a-holic out there prone to doing silly things like buying the wrong size shoe because it was on sale? Guess tomorrow I will give my tootsies a rest, but I suspect I will be back rocking the new kicks again soon.

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  1. Hee hee! Can’t wait till you come visit me in the big apple. You need to stay more than a day so we can go shopping. I’ll take you to the great (and inexpensive) places.

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